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CAVILAM is a French language school, based in Vichy, a city located 3 hours away from Paris and 2 hours away from Lyon. The institution was founded in 1964, since when it has been specializing in the provision of intensive French Courses for Adults, Sports and Language courses (during the school holidays), aimed at teenagers aged 12-16, as well as Teacher Training Courses for teachers of French as a foreign language. The range of options available within each course type is extremely diverse – some examples include French and Balneotherapy, French and Golf, Language Study Trips, as well as a number of themed workshops.

All Programs Available:
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs
    • French Language and Literature (in Language Schools)
Language of instruction


Type of school

Language School


+33 (0)4 70 30 83 83


1, avenue des Célestins, Vichy, FRANCE, France, 03206



More information about Academic Programs

•Intensive French Course, from one week upwards, quarterly, semestrial, all year round •Super Intensive French Course •Intensive French Course with Option One-to-One Tuition •One-to-One Tuition •Professional Master – Management and Company Administration •University Diploma – Initiation to studies in Economy and Business Administration •French + French Gastronomy and Culinary Knowledge •Intensive French Course and discovering French Gastronomy •French + choice of Balneotherapy, Golf or Tennis •Junior courses 12-16 years old: sports and language •Training courses for teachers

More information about Graduate Programs

PROFESSIONAL MASTER – MANAGEMENT AND COMPANY ADMINISTRATION Master in partnership with the University of Auvergne Level required: B2 Dates: from 28 June 2010 to 24 June 2011 UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA – INITIATION TO STUDIES IN ECONOMY AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION University Diploma Level required: B2 Dates 2010: from 4 January to 25 June Dates 2011: from 3 January to 24 June Possibility to follow French courses in 2010 to reach B2 level for 2011

Admission Requirements

Minimum age: 16 years old except for the junior program Dates: admission every Monday, all levels except for complete beginners Dates for complete beginners for 2010: 4 January, 1 February, 1 March, 29 March, 26 April, 31 May, 28 June, 12 July, 2 August, 16 August, 6 September, 4 October, 2 November, 29 November 2010. 3 January 2011.

Language Requirements

All levels


Enrolment fees: 55 € •Intensive French Course, from one week upwards, quarterly, semestrial, all year round: 260 €/week - 12 consecutive weeks: 2808 € - 24 consecutive weeks: 4992 € - 36 consecutive weeks: 6552 € •Super Intensive French Course: : 608 €/week •Intensive French Course with Option One-to-One Tuition: 528 €/week •One-to-One Tuition: 58 €/lesson (45 minutes teaching time) •French + French Gastronomy and Culinary Knowledge: 1530 €/2 weeks •Intensive French Course and discovering French Gastronomy: 800 €/1 week •French + Balneotherapy: 621.50 €/week •French +Golf : 438 €/week (1 green-fee per day/5 days) •French +Tennis: 494.50 €/week •Junior courses 12-16 years old: sports and language: 1320.30 €/ 2 weeks •Training courses for teachers: 284 €/week


On enrolment, the accommodation department of CAVILAM is available to help you find suitable individual room accommodation, according to availability. Accommodation is booked from Sunday afternoon on arrival to departure Saturday morning. Fees are per person, all inclusive. ● HOST FAMILIES Laundry service, bed linen and towels provided •Bed and breakfast: 18.50 €/day •Half-board (breakfast and dinner)*: 24.50 €/day •Additional meal: 6.00 € * meals not taken cannot be reimbursed •STUDENT RESIDENCES ** For students of 18 and over Bed linen and crockery provided, private kitchen and bathroom •Stays under 7 days: from 19.00 €/day ● Stays over 7 days: from 14.50 €/day •STUDIOS ** For students of 18 and over Bed linen and crockery provided, private kitchen and bathroom, TV •Stays under 7 days: from 27.00 €/day Double room from 31.00 €/day ● Stays over 7 days: from 19.00 €/day Double room from 27.00 €/day •HOTEL RESIDENCE ** (studios) For students of 18 and over Bed linen and crockery provided, private kitchen and bathroom, TV, laundry •Single room facing street from 37.00 €/day ● Single room facing park from 41.00 €/day •Double room facing street from 46.00 €/day ● Double room facing park from 50.00 €/day ** long stay : special monthly rate + allowances (APL) •HOTELS Breakfast included (half-board on request) •Hotel** for 1 person from 46.00 €/day •Hotel*** for 1 person from 71.00 €/day and from 85.50 €/day (depending on the hotel) •Hotel**** for 1 person from 92.00 €/day and from 154.50 €/day (depending on the hotel) Double room: prices on request

Services and Activities

Transfer: PICK-UP AT VICHY TRAIN STATION Vichy train station -> Accommodation: by CAVILAM or the host-family: Free of charge Lunch at the University restaurant, from Monday to Friday (except on bank holidays) Cultural and leisure activities: every day activities are on offer - Organised events: tasting local products, film nights, discos, sporting events... - Excursions: visits to towns, castles, churches, museums, country walks...

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