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Caxton College is an independent British co-educational school with accreditation by both the English and Spanish authorities. Its location on Spain’s East Coast (in Puçol, a village 20 km north of Valencia) offers the advantages of both the mountainside and the seaside. Founded in 1987 by a Valencian family (the Gil-Marqués family), Caxton College offers a multicultural environment for pupils aged 1 to 18 and prides itself in its tolerant and understanding atmosphere for pupils from around the world. The college offers boarding facilities with host families and manages to attract students from all over the world, which creates a truly multicultural environment. 80% of the teaching faculty is English and 20% are Spanish. The “Language & Culture” elements of the Spanish Curriculum are incorporated into the students’ education, too.

All Programs Available:
  • Education
    • Bilingual Education
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Spanish Language and Culture
    • English
    • Language and Culture
Language of instruction

English, Spanish

Type of school

Independent Private College




Mas de León, 5, Puzol, Valencia (Spain), Spain, 46530


British School