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CELEI, Center for Languages and Intercultural Education is an educational institution, developing itself in the area of Intercultural Education. It was established more than 25 years ago, and it provides university and high school education programs for North American students. Besides, it develops training courses, as well as work in the fields of Language Teaching, Intercultural Training and Experiential Learning. The interdisciplinary university programs offer intensive Spanish courses, combined with different lectures on History, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Economics and the Arts. The High School programs developed offer Language and culture classes, workshops related to the program theme (theatre, dance, folklore, ceramics, environment, etc.), homestay, language exchanges, excursions and recreational activities. These projects are targeted to educational institutions, associations and businesses, and are all crafted by qualified professionals.

All Programs Available:
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs
    • Spanish Language and Literature (in Universities)
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Independent Private College


+34 958 295 954


Callejón de San Cecilio, 13, Granada, Spain, 18010

More information about Academic Programs

UNIVERSITY PROGRAMS Interdisciplinary university programs that offer intensive Spanish courses combined with different seminars about History, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, Economics and the Arts to provide a rich vision of Spanish society. We highlight the multicultural aspects that will serve as the foundation of students´ knowledge and strengthen their critical capacity. These programs provide participants the frame to work on a particular area of interest through community service and/or field study projects. Our faculty development courses allow participants to work on an academic theme of their interest and explore Spanish society by contacting with professionals of their own field. 1. “Spain: Language, Community and Social Change” Main Features: (16 Credits) 4 Language Levels (90 or 180 hours) Interdisciplinary Seminar on Social Change Community Service Learning or Independent Study Project Academic Field Tours Length: Academic semester 2. “Arts as a Lens in Social Science” Main Features: (16 Credits) 3 Language Levels (90 hours) Interdisciplinary Seminar: Arts as a lens of Society and instrument for Social Change Field study project Academic Tours related to program theme Length: Academic Semester 3. “Spain: Gateway in Human Migration” 3 Language Levels (90 hours) Interdisciplinary Seminar on migration in Spain Field Research Seminar and Project Related Field Activities and Tour Length: Academic Semester 4. “Language, Culture and Society” Main Features: (16 Credits) 4 Language Levels (180 hours) Interdisciplinary Seminar (Direct enrolment at the University of Granada) Community Service Learning Academic Tours Length: Academic Semester 5. “Intensive Language and Culture Program” Main Features: (6 Credits) 3 Language Levels (60 hours) Culture and Society Seminar Academic Tours Length: 4 weeks 6. “Al-Andalus Legacy” Faculty Development Tour This program offers teachers and other foreign professionals the opportunity to discover Spain and Morocco’s historical and cultural heritage reflected in their current politics, economy, religion and culture. Participants will have an opportunity to participate in round tables, conferences and debates and experience the academic environment in both shores of the Mediterranean. Length: 10 Days 7. “Language and Methodology for non-native Spanish Teachers” This course covers the most recent methodology and didactic approaches, the socio-cultural aspects of the language and field base study of the community. Main features Several language levels (40 hours) Community exploration Analysis and production of teaching materials Excursions and field activities Length: 2 Weeks

More information about Graduate Programs

DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCE Life long learning education courses and teacher training workshops: Languages for specific purposes, language teaching, team work, curriculum development, diversity management, etc. Our life long learning courses and projects are designed in collaboration with clients, to meet the specific needs of participants. C.1 “Methodology and language training for teachers of foreign languages” This course is designed to support the promotion of bilingualism in Andalusia. The goals are to improve teacher’s language competence, provide teaching resources and facilitate the introduction of the target language as a working language in the classroom. Length: 50 hours C.2 “Team work in the classroom” This seminar provides participants with theoretical and practical knowledge on team work and develops the necessary tools to undertake cooperative learning projects. Length: 30 hours C.3 “Training on learning disabilities” This workshop is designed to familiarize educators, teachers and parents with the specific needs of students with learning disabilities as well as with the tools for effective intervention. Length: 10 hours C.4. “Training on Task-based approach” This training course promotes a global change in the methodological approach to class work in order to implement the competence-based curriculum. It focuses on the organization of contents into learning tasks similar to real life tasks to develop student’s competencies. Length: 30 hours C.5. “Managing intercultural diversity in the classroom” This course focuses on the recognition of gender, ethnic and religion diversity in order to integrate minorities in the classroom favour an atmosphere of understanding and acceptance at schools and reflect on intervention procedures. Length: 30 hours C.6. “Cooperative evaluation project” This project focuses on the involvement of stakeholders in the process of evaluation design and implementation. It aims at increasing skills, critical, and analytical capacity, using evaluation tools to improve outcomes. This type of evaluation is specially recommended for formative and developmental purposes. Length: 30 hours C.7. “Languages for special purposes: Spanish, English and French” This course is directed to town councils, associations, educational centers, health care centers and businesses. Its main objective is to improve the communicative competence of participants using a foreign language in a professional context. It is offered in the target language in order to develop general languages skills and meet the specific needs of different professional groups. Length: 100 hours C.8. “Spanish course for immigrants in the labor market” This course is targeted to immigrants in order to facilitate their integration in the labor market. It provides the linguistic and cultural tools to help their integration in the host society and also to develop their professional and personal capacity Length: 100 hours C.9. “Workshop on managing diversity in the workplace” This course focuses on the recognition of diversity at the workplace to address issues of culture, gender, ethnicity, and religion, which are becoming prevalent in our society. It aims to meet the needs of public and private institutions, which are interested in improving awareness, knowledge and skills in intercultural communication and mediation in the work context. Length: 20 hours

Admission Requirements

According to the type of program

Language Requirements

According to the type of program.


Contact http://www.celei.org/p_precios_eng.html


We at CELEI also provide and arrange housing with either host families or in dormitories. Living with a host family is undoubtedly one of our programs strongest features. The families selected are willing and eager to receive foreign students into their homes. They are given an orientation prior to the student’s arrival in order to ensure a positive and rewarding experience for all.

Services and Activities

Cultural Activities: A series of cultural activities, visits, and excursions provide unique opportunities for participants in all of our programs to deeply immerse themselves in Spanish life. Health and Safety: Each student will have access to assistance for whatever problem or situation that may arise during their stay. Information regarding possible in-country risks is also shared with the students.

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