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The Center For Study Abroad (CSA), based in Kent, Washington, USA, has been providing language classes and study abroad programs around the world since 1990. Through its global network of academic partners - including universities, colleges and language centers, CSA offers year-round fully accredited programs in a wide range of areas of study. With CSA, you could for example go to Spain and study at the University of Alicante, University of Salamanca, or University of Granada. Programs in Spain also available in Seville, Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga.

CSA also provides flexible arrangements, some assistance with visa and financial aid applications, attractive tuition discounts, and counseling before and at the time of the program.

Study Program Details
Advanced Hispanic Studies (Cumplutense University)
CSA offers Advanced Hispanic Studies at the Universidad Cumplutense in the Spanish capitol of Madrid for students with intermediate and advanced Spanish levels. The program is a combination of the Spanish language and the aspects of the Spanish culture. Courses include: Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, Spanish History, Spanish Art History, Commentary on Spanish Texts, Spanish Geography and Contemporary Spanish Thought. Students also have access to complimentary lectures, museum tours, films, Madrid architecture visits and other activities.
Level: Not Applicable     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: English, Spanish  
Spanish Language (University of Alicante)
CSA offers all levels of Spanish language study (beginner to expert) on the Mediterranean coast at the University of Alicante. Alicante offers fun in the sun as well as great theatre, tapas bars and lots of traditional festivities. Spanish Culture and Civilization and Spanish Business are optional courses also available to students as well as extra-curricular courses in: Spanish Dance, Spanish Guitar, Ceramics, Wind surfing, Sailing, Diving, Volleyball and Swimming.
Level: Not Applicable     Location: Alicante     Language of instruction: English, Spanish  
Spanish Language and Culture (Complutense University)
CSA offers this Spanish Language and Culture course in the heart of Spain at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. This program attends to students of all level of Spanish, from beginner to expert. Student study grammar, practical Spanish, and Spanish conversation and beginner students also have a Language Laboratory. Intermediate and advanced students take a course on Spanish Texts and have the option to attend lectures on: History of Spain, Spanish Music, Folklore, Art, Philosophy, Literature and Latin American Literature.
Level: Not Applicable     Location: Madrid     Language of instruction: English, Spanish  
Spanish Language and Culture (University Autonoma Barcelona)
Learn Spanish Language and Culture with over 40 courses to choose from at the University Autonoma Barcelona. The Spanish courses are available for all levels. Aside from the Spanish courses there are 4 tracks available for students to choose: 1) Business, 2) Economics and 3) Politics, Language, Art & Architecture and 4) Language and Mediterranean Studies.
Level: Not Applicable     Location: Barcelona     Language of instruction: English, Spanish  
Spanish Language and Culture (University of Barcelona)
CSA offers Spanish Language and Culture at the University of Barcelona. Barcelona is one of the top study destinations for international students with its diverse history, artistic spirit and beautiful architecture. The course is offered to students of all levels from beginner to expert. Courses include: History of Modern & Contemporary Spain, History of Spanish Ancient and Medieval Art, History of Spanish Modern and Contemporary Art, Latin American Painting, Cinema, Literature and Music, Spain and Europe: Classical Antiquity to Modern World, Spanish Cinema, Female Writers, Geography of Spain, Spain Today: Society and Institutions, Spanish Economy Today and Catalan Language and Culture.
Level: Not Applicable     Location: Barcelona     Language of instruction: English, Spanish  
Spanish Language and Latin American Studies
The program offers a combination of Spanish language study with Argentine studies and Latin America studies at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires. Students can choose to study only Spanish or combine Spanish with the other electives. The course offers from basic to advanced Spanish to cater to all levels. Courses are taught in English and Spanish and the minimum age requirement is 16. The other electives include: 19th – 20th Century Latin American History, Political Systems in Latin America – a comparative approach, Social Economy in Latin America, Political and Social Change, U.S. – Latin American Relations, Gender in Latin America, Argentina and Latin America facing Global Economy, Argentinean Economic History / Policy, Argentinean And Iberoamerican Literature 1 & 2, Argentina – Open Society, Contemporary Argentinean Art, Argentinean Culture and Traditions, Extended Spanish and Advanced Spanish.
Level: Not Applicable     Location: Buenos Aires     Language of instruction: English  

All Programs Available:
  • Humanities
    • Study Abroad Programs
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs
    • Spanish Language and Literature (in Universities)
Language of instruction

English, Spanish

Type of school

Independent Private College


(206) 726-1498


325 Washington Avenue South #93, Kent, Washington, The United States, 98032

More information about Academic Programs

Year-round programs, Semester, Quarter, Summer, Monthly, Weekly. University of Alicante; University of Salamanca; Spanish in Seville; Barcelona, Malaga, Salamanca, Granada, Madrid; University of Granada.

More information about Graduate Programs

Spanish language and culture

Admission Requirements

The minimum age is 16 yrs old. There are no other requirements.

Language Requirements

None. All levels available.


Program fee includes: full program tuition, registration, housing confirmation and information, orientation information, documents for visa, transcripts-certificates, student support services at location and classroom materials - textbooks (not all programs). Airfare is not included. Fees range from $1995 for summer term, $3959 for quarters to $4945 for full semesters.

Program Duration

The course includes 4 hrs (lessons) per day, M-F. 20 hrs (lessons) per week. Summer term is 4 weeks while other terms last roughly 3 months.

Dates and Deadlines

Courses are offered year round starting in June, July, September, October, January and April. Arrival must be at least one day before classes start.

Financial Aid

CSA does accept financial aid. Our office can assist you with obtaining your financial aid by signing a "Consortium Agreement" with your Financial Aid office. If you plan to use Financial Aid, please have your school send us a "Consortium Agreement" to complete and sign. The earlier the better....since it takes time to process. A fax copy is fine: Fax# (253) 850-0454. CSA does not offer any scholarships or other financial assistance, we can only assist you in obtaining financial aid from your home school. $35 CSA fee will be added to your balance.


Housing with carefully selected families or on-campus housing if available. Other housing available. CSA student can arrange own housing if preferred. Student residence, homestay, pensiones.

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