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Located in Cuba, the Centro de Cibernetica Aplicada a la Medicina (CECAM), or the Cybernetics Center of Applied Medicine, has its origins in the Department of Technology that was created in the then Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Havana, on the initiative of Dr. José Antonio Presno Albarran, who presided at the dawn of the seventies over the first Commission of computing which was dedicated to the study of the development needs of information technology in the Cuban Public Health System.

Since its inception in 1973, one of CECAM’s most important missions has been the development of postgraduate teaching. The CECAM became formalized as a Center of Higher Medical Teaching, attached to the ISCM-H, in 1976, when a reorganization of higher education was developed and the Ministry of the same name was created. From the moment of its creation to the present, the CECAM has developed an intense program of work, first in the introduction of computers in teaching undergraduate and graduate medical sciences, and later in the development and linkage of Computers with the various branches of health sciences. In 1989, the CECAM was appointed rector center for the teaching of Computer Science in Medical Education, when the MES began working Computer master plans for various university courses in Cuba.

In the early 1990s the CECAM became reinforced as part of an international scientific community, bringing together teachers and researchers from around the globe interested in the field of computing as it applies to medicine.

In recent years the CECAM has contributed greatly to the development and organization of the Scientific and Medial communities, holding forums and other events that bring together qualified teachers and specialists in the field of Medical Informatics, and leading the exchange of high quality papers written by some of the world’s most prominent authors in the field.

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Universidad Medica de la Habana - CECAM Calle 146 esq.31 No.2511Cubanacan Playa, La Habana, Cuba

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