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CEU Andalucía, also known as the St. Paul Foundation Andalusia (CEU), is an educational institution located in the province and city of Seville, in the autonomous community of Andalucía (English: Andalusia).  Its founders, the Catholic Archdiocese of Seville and the San Pablo CEU University Foundation, established the higher education institution because it desired to develop, through the Foundation and the schools for whom it is responsible, the Christian principles in education that underlie the ideology of the Catholic Association of Propagandists (ACDP).

The main objectives of CEU Andalucía are to:

  • Provide students with a humanistic and relative educational experience, one that is  inspired by the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Encourage students to view their education as fraternal and as a means towards achieving the common good.

CEU Andalucía is proud to offer an educational environment in which students receive the classroom knowledge and expertise they will need to achieve their specific professional goals.  Moreover, the ethical and moral values that are promoted throughout each step of the educational journey, ensures that each student will be provided with a solid Christian foundation.

CEU Andalucía is consistent with these principles, while still recognizing the importance of each of its student’s individual freedoms, and respecting their collective ideas and belief systems.

Educational Objectives of CEU Andalucía

The main reason behind all of the educational work performed at CEU Andalucía is to fulfill the will of its founding institution, the Catholic Association of Propagandists.  Thus, the educational objectives, as outlined in the university’s bylaws, are as follows:

  • To provide all qualified students equal access to higher education, teaching and study aids, regardless of their means.
  • To train the youth enrolled at the institution in university studies and technology so as to prepare each of them for professional practice and/or scientific research.
  • To provide specialized training to those who already possess a university degree or diploma and to offer continuing education for those professionals who need to update or upgrade their credentials.
  • To educate and demonstrate to students the collective teachings of the Catholic Church, and to encourage them to use their new-found knowledge in the service of the common good.

Also noted in the bylaws of CEU Andalucía are the principles that should guide the teaching and learning process.  They include:

  • To train students in the faith and ethics of the Catholic Church and religious transcendence.
  • To educate students in love and joy and to encourage them to always pursue and defend the truth.
  • To teach and demonstrate to students the principles of liberty and freedom, tolerance and respect for others.
  • To encourage students to be active in their communities, prompting them to collaborate and participate in community projects and tasks.
  • To awaken in students the importance of critical thinking, creativity, aesthetic sensitivity and fruitful use of leisure.
  • To instill in students the values of love, respect, and the protection of nature and to encourage them to always seek out ways to maximize their own personal and professional development.

Services offered at CEU Andalucía

CEU Andalucía offers its students a number of services and facilities to ensure their success.  Some of these include:

  • Student information center, website and virtual office
  • Issuance and processing of certificates, degrees and diplomas
  • Records management office
  • File transfers
  • Student Financial Aid Office—helping students with scholarships, grants, fellowships and student loans.
  • Registrar’s Office.
  • Academic management: class lists, group changes, publication of class schedules and exams.
  • Various resource management services
  • Validation, adaptation and recognition of free credits, credit transfers and recognition of ECTS credits.
  • Non-formal education management.
  • International Student Office—helping visiting students with registration, housing, etc.

Technology Services at CEU Andalucía

CEU Andalucía is also equipped with the very latest in Service Information Technology and Communications (ICT).  This system is responsible for the maintenance of the voice and data networks and the administration of the campus website, virtual campus and other online applications.

Through this system, students at CEU Andalucía are provided with:

  • Computer equipment.  This includes a Multimedia classroom located in the library, a group computer room, and four stand-alone computer rooms located throughout the campus.
  • Laptop Loans. Students may apply at the library desk for internal use laptops.
  • WIFI Network.
  • Campus Email System. 
  • Virtual Campus.
  • Virtual Secretary. Handling tasks such as student file inspection, information on degree and diploma programs, the reservation of classrooms, and more.

Study Abroad Programs

CEU Andalucía has been offering study abroad programs for nearly 20 years. Since the inception of these student exchange and study abroad programs, each year has seen an increasing number of international students and researchers flock to the university; coming from several different countries around the world.

CEU Andalucía is currently taking an active part in Europe’s leading educational mobility initiative: the ERASMUS Program.  Last year, the university had in place 15 ERASMUS agreements in 11 different countries; agreements which promote the mobility of approximately 24 students together with a number of teaching staff.

CEU Andalucía has participated in the ERASMUS program since 1999 with increasing intensity. The main objective is to provide specific academic and teaching opportunities for the institution’s students and professors—opportunities that will help them deepen their knowledge while studying/teaching at these partner institutions, while exposing them to a fresh educational and cultural environment.

All Programs Available:
  • Business
    • Marketing
  • Computing
    • Information Technology
  • Education
    • Education
  • Sciences
    • Athletics and exercise science
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