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All Programs Available:
  • Architecture, Building and Landscape
    • Architecture
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Art Studio
    • Industrial Design
    • Design
    • Fashion
    • Arts
  • Business
    • MBA
    • International Executive MBA
    • Real Estate Management
    • Strategic Management
    • Corporate Communication
    • Business Administration
    • Business Management
  • Communications
    • Cinema/Film Studies
    • Media Communication
    • Communications
    • Radio/TV/Video
    • Media Studies
    • Screenwriting for Television and Film
    • Film TV and video
  • Economics
    • Economics
  • Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Computer Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering
  • Industries
    • Foreign Trade
    • Real Estate
  • Law
    • Law
  • Public Administration and Services
    • Public Administration/Management
    • Public Affairs
  • Sciences
    • Administration Sciences
  • Technology
    • Civil Engineering Technology
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Private University


55 11 3662-7159


903 Alagoas Street, São Paulo, Brazil, 01242-902

More information about Academic Programs

FAAP offers undergraduate programs, portuguese courses for international students and graduate programs in the different areas of Knowledge.

More information about Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs: Executive MBA, Professional MBA: Companies Management, Business Communication, Social Responsibility, Controller Management, International Business and E-Business, Investments Management, Luxury Management, Advanced Business Administration (upgrade), Global Marketing, MPA-Master Public Administration, MTE- Master in Educational Technology, Master in Digital Information. Specialization Programs: Financial and Account Management, Business Management, Business Management for Engineers and Architectures, Marketing Management, Banks Business Administration, Human Resources Management, International Trade, Written and Oral Communication, City Manager, Business Logistic, Marketing of Services Management, Strategic Management of Manufacturing, Arts History, Real State Business, Entrepreneurial Planning and Controlling, Planning and Management of Events, Communication Process for Engineers and Architectures, International Relations, Technology and Environmental Management, Marketing Management of the Retail Market, Corporative Governance and Relationship with Investors, Product Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Packaging Technology, Cinema Review, TV Programs Production and Management, Fashion Management, International Business Law, International Trade Law, Civil Law, Labor Law, Penal Law, Military Strategy, Agribusiness Management, Health Management, Lean Process Management and Project Management. Extension Courses: Photography as Art, Art, Myth and Rite in the XX Century, Creating Jewels and Gems, Digital Photography (Basic), Experimental Cinema in the Perspective of the Visual Anthropology, Sculpture, Jewels Design, Art Philosophy and Esthetic, History of Design, Afro-Brazilian History and Culture, History of Fashion, Introduction of the Animation Techniques, General History of Western Art (from the Origins to the Middle Age), The Sound in Scene, Video and Television Workshop, Painting, Techniques in Illumination, Creativity , Theater, Tourism Economy, Global Economy, Beauty Business, Negotiation Techniques, Latin American Perspective, Family Law and Civil Law.

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