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Fordham University is an institution of higher education, following the ‘Jesuit tradition’, located in New York, USA. It is composed of four undergraduate colleges and six professional schools that strictly follow and abide by the Roman Catholic Church’s tradition. Graduate and professional schools consist of the School of Art and Sciences, School Of Business Administration, School of Law and others. Financial aids such as loans are granted to students having monetary problems and scholarship awards are presented to outstanding students. Fordham University strives to provide a very conducive environment for learning and aims at educating and developing students socially, morally and spiritually. The school works with a great number of alumni, parents and friends. Fordham University participates actively in sports, especially in Athletics. The school also exhibits a Fordham Museum of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Art.

All Programs Available:
  • Architecture, Building and Landscape
    • Architecture
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Dance
    • Theatre
    • Performing Arts
    • Music
    • Visual Arts
  • Business
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Media Management
    • Business Economics
  • Communications
    • Media Studies
    • Communications
  • Economics
    • Economics
    • International Political Economy
  • Engineering
    • Engineering Physics
    • Engineering Science
  • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Finance
  • Health
    • Health Occupations
  • Human Studies and Services
    • Social Work
  • Humanities
    • Ethics
    • Classical Civilization and Hellenic Studies
    • Religious Studies
    • International Studies
    • Study Abroad Programs
    • Theology
    • Philosophy
    • Art History
    • History
    • Humanities
  • Law
    • Law
    • International Human Rights Law
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Irish Culture
    • English Language and Literature (in Universities)
    • Literature
    • Classics
    • Modern Languages
  • Pre-Professional Studies
    • Pre-Professional Programs
    • Pre-Law
    • Pre-Architecture
  • Public Administration and Services
    • Peace and Justice Studies
    • International Development Studies
    • Urban Studies and Planning
  • Sciences
    • Nature Sciences
    • Sciences
    • Physics
    • Sociology
    • Mathematics
    • Psychology
    • Anthropology
    • Information Science
    • Political Science
    • Pre-Health
    • Environmental Studies
    • Chemistry
    • Computer Science
  • Social and Cultural studies
    • African Studies
    • Afro-American Studies
    • Latino Studies
    • Middle Eastern Studies
    • Medieval Studies
    • Women’s Studies
    • Latin American Studies
  • Technology
    • Information Technology Systems
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Type of school

Private University




Rose Hill Campus Bronx, New York, NY , The United States, 10458

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