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“Do you want to show the established order, how the future could look like?” Apply for the Hallo© Academy for applied creativity in Amsterdam and become a master in front yard thinking. Hallo© is an international one-year postgraduate study with the focus on strategic thinking, concept development and opportunity seeking. You cannot compare us with any other academy. Hallo© teaches people to think in a conceptual/generalist way, across all disciplines. Hallo© anticipates on new views, likes to try out new patterns of play, stimulates the improvisation and association ability of the players, is constantly in search for new ways to create an optimal product. Hallo© is a special study connected with the practice of applied creativity. Enrolments for the postgraduate year 2012/2013 are still possible. Apply and get a year full of opportunities, including 85 guest tutors, international master classes, a large number of practical assignments, a personal mentor, a two months traineeship in the company of your mentor.

All Programs Available:
  • Communications
    • Communications Multimedia
    • Mobile Communications
    • Digital Communications
    • Music Industry Management
    • Media Communication
    • Audiovisual Systems
    • Multimedia Creation and Design
    • Visual Culture
    • Music Postproduction
    • Recording
    • Image and Sound
    • Audio Digital
    • Sound Direct
    • Television
    • Interactive Media
    • Mass Communication
    • TV Presenter
    • Television Production
    • Communications Graphic Design
    • online Communications
    • Advertising Communication
    • Intercultural Translation and Communication
    • Commercial Communication
    • Audiovisual Communication
    • Music Performance (Vocal)
    • Music Performance (Keyboard)
    • Music Performance (Instrumental)
    • Applied Communications
    • Sound Advanced
    • Sound Professional
    • Visual Journalism
    • Cultural Communication
    • Integrated Marketing Communication
    • Audiovisual Entertainment Production
    • Screenwriting for Television and Film
    • Political and Corporate Communication
    • Culture and Audiovisual Communication
    • Public Communication
    • Language and Communication Technologies
    • Film TV and video
    • Multimedia
    • Journalism
    • Social Communication
    • Political Communication
    • Business Communication
    • Sport Journalism
    • Speech Communication
    • Radio/TV/Video
    • Technical Communication
    • Journalism and Audiovisual Communication (dual degree)
    • Video
    • International Communication
    • Media Studies
    • Creative Writing
    • Cinema/Film Studies
    • Broadcast Journalism
    • International Journalism
    • Communications
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Type of school

Private University




Rombout Hogerbeetsstraat 109, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1052 VW

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