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Founded over 25 years ago, the Catalan Institute of Technology (ICT) is a private non-profit educational institution that was established when the Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia decided to promote the creation of a foundation that would initially offer information services and the training of engineers and IT professionals.

Over the years, the ICT has been consolidated as a technological center that offers a wide assortment of IT strategies designed to help businesses, technology professionals and local authorities increase their competitiveness and position themselves at the forefront of the technology industry in their given field.  The ICT employs a numbers of different methods to help employees and business owners further their technological skills, including a variety of advisory services, up-to-date information and training. In this regard, the Catalan Institute of Technology tailors its programs to meet the individual needs of each organization and employee with which it works.

Since its founding, the Catalan Institute of Technology has managed to stay at the forefront of the technology education industry, thanks largely to a strong work ethic that is based on continuous internal improvement.  From the fighting spirit of the professionals who work every day to search for technological innovation and responsiveness to identifying the need for more adequate new services or topical subject areas, including the application of certain technologies, the ICT continues to improve its services with each passing year.

The organizational structure of the ICT is based on the integration of corporate and individual training through the application of quality management, as laid out in the EFQM Excellence Model (European Foundation for Quality Management).  The ICT’s continuous efforts to improve as a corporate entity and training center have earned the institution many accolades and well-deserved praise: the institution was recently recognized by the government of Catalonia, which presented ICT the CIDEM award for quality and excellence.

In the last two decades plus, the ICT has worked with thousands of companies requesting the institution’s services and has trained upwards of 80,000 students and professionals in their state-of-the-art facilities.

History of the Catalan Institute of Technology (ICT)

The origins of the Catalan Institute of Technology (ICT) date back to 1969, when the Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia decided to promote the creation of a center that would meet the educational needs of their members.  From this group’s initiative and entrepreneurial spirit came the establishment of the “Engineer Improvement Center,” a project which over the years took on a life of its own.  Through intensive training and activity, the foundation increased in size every year, and in 1986 it was renamed the Catalan Institute of Technology (ICT).

The creation of the ICT represented a further step in the foundation’s commitment to the world of technology and society; a focused commitment aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the region’s enterprises and organizations.

The 1990’s were a very active time for the ICT; it was during this decade that the institution saw most of its expansion through the creation and development of new centers, projects and research communities. This expansion led to a major increase in technological innovation and prompted much, discussion, opinion and information related to emerging technologies.

In 1990, the Catalan Institute of Technology (ICT) created both the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the CIM, a center for information and advice on technology and innovation.  The CIM began providing technical services for Research and Development projects, as well as training in the field of production technologies. As a result, the ICT developed a strong bond with technical universities and the industrial sector, especially small and medium enterprises.

After twenty-five years, the ICT continues to contribute positively to the development of business leaders, providing services for over a thousand companies and organizations. The most tangible result of these collective efforts is the tens of thousands of professionals who have completed the center’s courses; employees who now—through their various companies and positions—contribute greatly to the region’s economic and social progress.

Today the ICT continues to look to the future and the challenges it presents, always striving to enhance the innovative services it provides; services that not only marked the institution’s early days but today remain more alive than ever.

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