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Join Marbella Design Academy in sunny Spain to study for your Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree. BA (Hons) validated programmes in Interior Architecture & Design, Graphic Design & Media, Fashion Design & Manufacture! At Marbella Design Academy in warm sunny Spain, you are a part of a cosmopolitan group of students from more than 56 different nationalities. We are one of the best and most exclusive design schools in the world. The academic level is high and comprehensive in a family friendly atmosphere and a safe environment. Students at Marbella Design Academy maybe have the best years of their life!! Our BA (Hons) programmes are validated by our partner the University of Bedfordshire, who will award you a Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree upon successful graduation from Marbella Design Academy. - BA (Hons) Validated programme in Fashion Design & Manufacture. - BA (Hons) Validated programme in Graphic Design & Media. - BA (Hons) Validated programme in Interior Architecture & Design. At Marbella Design Academy we are educating our students to become innovative professionals in the world of design, living up to the latest market demands from the industry. We nurture our students cultural and creative differences with respect to the environment. Marbella Design Academy - Spain - Founded 1995 - Tuition in English

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  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Interior Design
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(+34) 952 45 70 90


Camino Hoyanca S/N, Monda, Málaga, 29110


Our BA (Hons) validated programmes are validated by the University of Bedfordshire in the UK.

Admission Requirements

Academic Entry Requirements To be successful in the admissions process to one of our BA (Hons) Validated programmes validated and awarded by the University of Bedfordshire, links below, a candidate must satisfy the Academy’s entry requirements. Students who possess a high school diploma or similar level of education can enter the 3-year Bachelor of Arts Validated programmes at Marbella Design Academy. The Students have to provide evidence of English language proficiency at level 6 IELTS. The Students have to have minimum 17 years of age to enter in the 1st year of the 3 years Bachelor of Arts Validated programmes. All international equivalent qualifications will be assessed and guidance will be taken from the National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC). For applicants who do not fulfil the academic Entrance Requirements, we will require them to complete our Design Foundation Course. Exceptions In the event a student possesses a proven outstanding artistic talent, has documented work experience for an extended period of time or has completed another education of minimum 2 years of duration, a discretionary exception from the above rules can be made. All students must be a minimum age of 17 years old at the commencement of the 3-year programmes. There is no upper age limit. Please note that we have both a January and September intake.

Language Requirements

English IELTS Test* As part of the entry requirements to the Bachelor of Arts Validated programmes offered by Marbella Design Academy all students who do not have English as a first language, or who have not received a high school education in English, are required to provide evidence of English language proficiency at level 6 IELTS. Students from English speaking international schools do not need this qualification.


Fees & Scholarships BA (Hons) validated programmes in: Interior Architecture & Design Graphic Design & Media Fashion Design & Manufacture 500 euros: Registration Fee – to be paid first year only. 11.500 euros: Tuition Fee per academic year. Design Foundation Course – Fees 3.500 euros Fee for the Design Foundation Courses.

Program Duration

3 years of study: 3 academic years programme beginning in September ending in June. or 2,5 years of study: 3 academic years: 1st academic year beginning in January and ending in the beginning of August. 2nd and 3rd academic years beginning in September ending in June.

Financial Aid

Scholarships There is a limited availability of scholarships for up to 30% off the yearly tuition fee for the 3-year Bachelor of Arts Validated programmes and 12 months Master Validated programme. The number of scholarships granted to our students and the amount discounted to the individual varies from one academic year to the next, depending on the number of students applying. It therefore can not be guaranteed that a student will be granted a scholarship, or the same percentage of discount, from one academic year to the next. A student cannot apply for a scholarship for an academic year that has already begun. A student cannot apply for a scholarship for the Design Foundation Course.


HOUSING & ACCOMMODATION The majority of the students live in Monda, a typical Spanish white village, and within walking distance of the Academy. Some students choose to live in Marbella or Coin both connected by bus routes to Monda.

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