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MovingOn Courses is an organization which designs and delivers English language courses that guarantee 12 hours of English language practice every day. The school has gained 15 years of experience in training students, and their approach is unique with the fact that every summer they choose a different location for their course. Some previous locations include Cork, Galway, Bath, Bristol, York, Edinburgh, Exeter, Stirling, Cotswolds and Scottish Highlands – all places, where students are unlikely to meet too many other people on an English course, with whom they can speak their mother tongue. The purpose of the school is to provide a learning opportunity in which classes are led by different teachers, so that participants can get used to different accents and start communicating fluently in the language.

All Programs Available:
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
    • Language Courses and Cultural Immersion Programs
    • English Language and Literature (in Language Schools)
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UCC, Cork, Ireland, 123

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