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Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) is Norway's largest state university college, with a student body of approximately 16,000 students and 1,850 faculty and staff members. HiOA offers a unique range of professional programs that help qualify students for professions that will contribute not only to their own future welfare but also to that of the communities in which they choose to work and live.

Oslo University College prides itself on creating value for individuals and contributing to the overall knowledge development of society as a whole. The school adds positively to the future welfare of Norway by educating practitioners with high levels of professional ability and high-impact skill sets, and facilitates lifelong learning by providing continuing and further education. HiOA develops relevant knowledge by researching problems within and between certain professions and by developing new products and services. This will ultimately provide HiOA with a great opportunity to influence welfare policy and to serve as an important contributor to policy making by decision-making bodies.

Oslo University College recognizes the need to educate well-qualified, professional practitioners through a sound curriculum that helps develop management and other related skills. Through dialogue and cooperation in the areas of research and education, students learn the required skills that are needed to compete in an ever-changing world.

More about Oslo University College

A majority of the study programs offered by Oslo University College are professional in nature—programs in which theoretical courses and supervised professional training are closely aligned.

HiOA provides education that qualifies students for employment in the health and social services sector, education, and public administration, media, design, arts, and for technical and business administrative positions in business and industry.

HiOA emphasizes the combination of high academic standards and a proximity to the professional fields in which each student specializes. The teaching is based on the latest advances in research, development and experience, and the faculty has decades of combined real-world experience.

Oslo University College’s programs are aimed at developing students’ skills in theoretical analysis and reflection. Several of their degree and professional programs involve supervised professional training where students can try out their future professional roles. This combination of theory and practice is a distinguishing characteristic of the professional study programs offered by HiOA, and adds to the challenge of studying here.

Research and Development

Research and development (R&D) are a necessary and vital part of the university college’s activities and contribute greatly to the development of the school and its students.

In its overarching research strategy, HiOA highlights both interdisciplinary and regional cooperation. HiOA’s comparative advantage is that the institution performs research within the professions taught there, and creates value for society by developing knowledge that contributes to the region’s welfare. This research will give insights into the activities, frameworks, and conditions of certain business sectors and occupational fields in a society that is continually changing.

Oslo University College: Moving towards University Status

Through a strong regional entrenchment, national ambitions, and an international orientation, HiOA is establishing itself as a modern, professionally and vocationally oriented educational institution in the greater metropolitan area. The recently adopted objective for Oslo University College is to achieve university status and develop into one of the leading universities in the Nordic region with a professionally oriented profile.

The cities of Oslo and Akershus cover a region that is experiencing rapid population growth and, consequently, will experience a growing need for a qualified labor force in the years to come. There are major issues to be resolved in the areas of education, health, technology and the environment, and HiOA’s objective is to make an increasingly stronger contribution towards the development of this region.

Information for International Students

Oslo University College places a major focus on internationalization and each year welcomes hundreds of international students from around the globe.  If you are interested in studying at this renowned university, the “Pre-Arrival Guide” below will help introduce you to some of the steps you’ll need to take.

Declaration of Acceptance

If you decide to study at Oslo University College you are required to fill out the online Declaration of Acceptance form (on the university’s website) to accept your place at HiOA. The deadline for these submissions is the end of October.

Apply for Housing

International students are urged to apply for student housing as soon as they have accepted their place at HiOA. The deadline for these applications is November 1st of each year.

Resident and Permanent Visa

In order to study in Norway at the Oslo University College, students must apply for a student visa and residence permit in writing or apply online. The deadline for such applications is December 1.  You can read more about the visa application and registration requirements for international students in Norway on the university’s website.

Buddy Program

All new international students are automatically assigned a Buddy Group. A Buddy Group consists of 10-15 new students and 2 local students acting as Buddy Group leaders to help assist incoming students in a variety of ways to help them get established at the college.

Accommodation for International Students

As a student at Oslo University College you can apply for affordable student housing through the Student Welfare Association (SiO). There are essentially three steps required if you’d like to take advantage of this convenient form of student housing

1.  Apply for housing as soon as possible after admission and no later than the deadline. The sooner you apply, the better are your chances of getting the room you want. Deadlines for these applications are June 1st for the fall semester and November 1st for the spring semester.

2.  When filling out your application be sure to be thorough, choose a single, furnished room and select either January 1st or August 1st as your moving date. Contracts and payment of rent always start on these dates, regardless of the actual date you’ll be moving in.  If you plan to arrive more than 14 days after the move-in date, be sure to let SiO know as soon as possible to avoid cancellation.

3.  SiO will only give you one housing offer. Accept it. Even if what they offer is not what you initially wanted, it is easier to change rooms once you are in Oslo, than to get stuck with no room whatsoever.

All Programs Available:
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