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Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn College) is an institution of higher learning; a university that became an affiliate of The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) in 1989, after establishing a national reputation for providing education programs supporting workforce development, first as a technical institute and later as a community college.

Today, Pennsylvania College of Technology is a special mission affiliate of Penn State, committed to applied technology education programs.

Conveniently located in Williamsport (Central Pennsylvania and the host of the international Little League World Series), Pennsylvania College of Technology enrolls nearly 6,000 students in bachelor, associate, and certificate programs relating to more than 100 different career specializations.

In addition, Pennsylvania College of Technology manages the state's largest worker training program through its Workforce Development and Continuing Education unit.

The modern campus of Pennsylvania College of Technology offers students hands-on instruction and access to the latest technological equipment, leading to excellent graduate placement and "degrees that lead to work".

Pennsylvania College of Technology: What makes Penn College different?

There are a number of factors that make Pennsylvania College of Technology different than the average university.  Among these are:

  • Degrees that lead to rewarding and well-compensated job opportunities, advancement, and continuing education.
  • A strong affiliation with renowned Penn State University, which secures national reputation and name recognition.
  • Hands-on, applied technology education, with programs that include student access to the latest technology in classrooms, labs, libraries, and study areas.
  • A highly-educated faculty with relevant work experiences. The faculty of Penn College teaches all of the classes offered by the college; there are no teaching assistants.
  • Two-year or four-year program options allow students to begin a B.S. major or enroll in a two-year program (and transfer later into a related B.S. degree).
  • Students get a full college experience, complete with on-campus student housing, athletic programs, and a variety of college-sponsored activities.
  • A modern, beautiful and safe campus, secured by real College police officers 24/7.
  • A variety of support services assist students during their college experience.
  • Small class sizes and an excellent faculty-to-student ratio ensures that each student receives an abundance of access to the college faculty.

Brief History of the Pennsylvania College of Technology

The evolution of the Pennsylvania College of Technology over the last century reflects its commitment to achieving a vision of inspired leadership.

The school began in Williamsport, Pennsylvania as a vocational-technical program that gained national acclaim for its efforts to fight joblessness during the Great Depression.

Penn College grew into the world-renowned Williamsport Technical Institute, which became the foundation for the Williamsport Area Community College – one of the first community colleges in Pennsylvania and the only one dedicated to hands-on, technical education.

When challenged by sponsorship requirements within the community college system, the college continued its evolution and growth through a unique affiliation with the Pennsylvania State University, which led to the establishment of Pennsylvania College of Technology in 1989.

Now, as a special mission affiliate of Penn State, Penn College has earned its position as the state’s premier technical college and pursues a vision to become known as a national leader in applied technology education.

Fast Facts about the Pennsylvania College of Technology

Below are just a few brief facts about the Pennsylvania College of Technology:


Pennsylvania College of Technology aims to be a national leader in applied technology education


Pennsylvania College of Technology is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, 267-284-5000. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

School Enrollment
  • 5,623 Headcount

    (does not include Penn College NOW students)

  • 5,262 Full-Time Equivalent (FTE)
  • 10.88% minority students
  • 62.93% males; 37.07% females
  • 77,883 credits
Student Status

Full-time: 85 percent

Part Time: 15 Percent

On-Campus Housing

1,710 students live on campus

International Students
  • 63 students enrolled; 13 ESL students
  • Countries represented include Austria, Bahamas, Bermuda, India, Moldova, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Trinidad & Tobago, and Venezuela
  • The College also sends students to Australia, Austria, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, United Kingdom, and Spain through its student exchange programs.

Staff Numbers

  • Full-time, non faculty:  622
  • Casual part-time, non faculty: 499
  • Full-time faculty: 304
  • Part-time faculty: 175
  • Regular part-time, non faculty: 140

The Penn College Wildcats are a member of the North Eastern Athletic Conference (NEAC) and a provisional member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division III, except as noted.

Penn College fields 14 intercollegiate sports, including:

  • Archery (Co-ed) – United States Collegiate Archery (USCA)
  • Baseball – NEAC & NCAA DIII
  • Basketball (Men's & Women's) – NEAC & NCAA DIII
  • Cross Country (Men's & Women's) – NEAC & NCAA DIII
  • Golf – NEAC & NCAA DIII
  • Soccer (Men's & Women's) – NEAC & NCAA DIII
  • Softball – NEAC & NCAA DIII
  • Tennis (Men's & Women's) – NEAC & NCAA DIII
  • Wresting – NCAA DIII
  • Volleyball (Women's) – NEAC & NCAA DIII

Pennsylvania College of Technology: Mission, Vision and Values

Pennsylvania College of Technology is a special mission affiliate of The Pennsylvania State University, focused on applied technology, and is granted the benefits and responsibilities of the Pennsylvania State University as a state-related institution and an instrumentality of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Mission Statement

Pennsylvania College of Technology is a public institution providing comprehensive, hands-on technical education at the baccalaureate and associate degree levels. Every member of their College community endeavors to create and sustain excellence in a student-centered environment that promotes personal growth, social awareness, a shared commitment to diversity, and lifelong learning, all of which help prepare their graduates for success.

Vision Statement

Pennsylvania College of Technology aims to be a national leader in applied technology education.

Penn College Values

The following core values guide Penn College to accomplish their mission and achieve their vision:

  • Hands-on Education:  Penn College believes the best preparation for a successful career is a learning environment emphasizing applied, real-world instruction. The school provides experiential learning in small classes and labs with state of the art equipment, mentored by skilled faculty with business and industry experience.
  • Student-Centered Environment:  Their students’ best interest is the priority influencing their decision making. As an open enrollment college, believing in the dignity and worth of every individual, the institution strives to provide a holistic experience that fosters educational, physical, personal, and social development.
  • Business and Industry Partnerships:  As an entrepreneurial institution, Penn College develops cooperative relationships with business and industry to ensure their curriculum remains current, encourages lifelong learning, and prepares their graduates to compete successfully in the global marketplace. This provides opportunities for faculty to enhance their skills, students to acquire work-based experiences, the College to receive technology and scholarship support, and the community to benefit from a highly qualified workforce.
  • Community of Respect:  Penn College is committed to diversity, inclusiveness, tolerance and civility. They recognize that respect of individual differences is the foundation of civil behavior across the College community.

Pennsylvania College of Technology: Committed to Diversity

Finally, Penn College considers diversity to involve inherent and fluid attributes that include, but are not limited to, age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political beliefs, socio-economic status, cultural or geographical background, and physical or cognitive abilities.

Pennsylvania College of Technology embraces the diversity of their community through inclusiveness manifested in the active acknowledgement, exploration, and celebration of these attributes in a manner that aligns with their college value of “community of respect.”

Their commitment to diversity stems from a desire to increase and deepen the richness of their community, and the school values the dynamic interactions among individuals and the characteristics that make each of them unique.

All Programs Available:
  • Architecture, Building and Landscape
    • Architecture
  • Business
    • Business Administration
    • Advertising
  • Communications
    • Communications
  • Computing
    • Information Technology
  • Engineering
    • Electronic Engineering
    • Engineering Science
  • Health
    • Nursing
  • Human Studies and Services
    • Social Work
  • Sciences
    • Athletics and exercise science
    • Environmental Studies
Language of instruction


Type of school

Public University




One College Avenue, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, The United States, 17701


Accredited by Middle States Association.