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Rheinisch Westfalische Technische Hochschule Aachen, usually referred to as RWTH Aachen University, is a comprehensive educational institution where improving the future of the industrialized world is a prime goal.  The university is proving to be a hotspot for German education, with increasing international recognition and where innovative answers to global challenges are consistently developed.

About RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen University (Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen) is a research university of technology located in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. With over 40,000 students enrolled in 130 study programs, it is, by far, the largest and most comprehensive technical university in Germany.  The institution maintains close links to German and international industry and accounts for the highest amount of third-party funds of all German universities in both absolute and relative terms per faculty member.

In 2007, RWTH Aachen University was chosen by DFG as one of nine German Universities of Excellence, largely due to its future concept— RWTH 2020: Meeting Global Challenges. The school additionally won funding for one graduate school and three clusters of excellence. In 2012, RWTH Aachen was selected again as a University of Excellence and was again financially endowed for one graduate school and two clusters of excellence. RWTH Aachen is one of only six German universities to retain this status from the previous funding period of 2007 - 2012.

RWTH Aachen is a founding member of the IDEA League, a strategic alliance of five leading universities of technology in Europe. The university is also a member of TU9, DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) and the Top Industrial Managers for Europe network. With its 260 institutes in nine faculties, RWTH Aachen University is among the leading European scientific and research institutions.  There are currently 40,375 students in 127 courses of study enrolled for the 2014/15, school year, including 6,395 international students from more than 120 countries.

Teaching at RWTH Aachen is first and foremost application-oriented. Its graduates are therefore highly sought-after as junior executives and leaders in business and industry.

National rankings and international assessments attest to the RWTH graduates’ marked ability to handle complex tasks, to solve problems constructively in a team setting and to take on leadership roles. It is therefore not surprising that many board members of German corporate groups studied and earned their credentials at RWTH Aachen.

The Excellence Initiative and RWTH Aachen University

The Excellence Initiative (referred to in the section above) provided a huge boost in terms of furthering the development of RWTH Aachen University. The institutional strategy on which the successful Excellence Initiative application was based has, in the meantime, been expanded to form a long-term strategy to strengthen all the areas of the University and enhance their profiles. During this process, the university has gained great momentum, which can be seen in, among other things, the extensive building activities that have recently occurred on campus.

Visible evidence of the Excellence Initiative can be seen throughout the RWTH Aachen Campus—a campus that is being developed in close cooperation with industry to form one of the largest research campuses in Europe. Students and employees of RWTH Aachen will benefit equally from these developments and are expressly invited to get involved in shaping the individual initiatives.

The stimulating ideas that have resulted from the Excellence Initiative at RWTH Aachen University have had a positive impact on the urban region of Aachen and on the entire tri-border area of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.  As a result, an innovative and very knowledgeable community is evolving, one that is closely networked with some of the world’s leading research and industry partners.

RWTH Aachen is a major driving force behind this development. And Aachen, as a livable and lovable city at the crossroads of three cultures, provides an ideal environment for this creative process of improvement and expansion.

Information for International Students

Internationalization is a major priority at RWTH Aachen University.  The university is currently home to more than 6,500 international students and faculty members from more than 120 countries across the globe.  Together they engage in study, research, teaching, and other work activities that take place at RWTH Aachen. The internationality of RWTH Aachen is flanked by well-researched strategies, measures, and services for promoting the globalization of academics, teaching, and research.

RWTH Aachen University’s Internationalization Plan, adopted in 2010, is the foundation for all of the school’s internationally-based activities.  In adopting this plan, many important key partner countries for RWTH Aachen were determined, countries that are each represented by Rector's delegates from the university. The international network of RWTH Aachen encompasses partnerships with renowned universities throughout the world in research and academics. 

This expansion has allowed numerous exchange possibilities to open up at the university, which is represented by a liaison office and countless international alumni.  RWTH Aachen has also recently opened up a new program for "Internationalization at home" which promotes the recruitment and integration of international students.  

RWTH Aachen University considers internationalization a process, a progression that includes activities that increasingly overlap different fields of study, thus affecting all areas of the university.  Internationalization is not considered as an end in itself, but rather as a way to increase the quality of research and teaching at the school through internationally oriented measures, and to contribute to the reputation and enhanced visibility of the university, in both the national and international spheres.

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