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Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, or the University of Bonn, was founded almost 200 years ago and is considered to be one of Germany's and indeed Europe's most important institutes of higher education. As the home of learning to over 32,500 students, the school enjoys an outstanding reputation both at home and abroad. The University of Bonn is one of the world's leading research-based Universities and therefore it is no surprise that it operates on an international level. The institution particularly specializes in the fields of research and teaching, which has led it to evolve into its current position as a truly prominent international institution.

About the University of Bonn

Boasting nearly 200 years of tradition, over 32,500 students and an outstanding reputation both at home and abroad, Bonn is without question one of Germany's leading universities; a school situated in a wonderful city where people still believe in the importance of quality education. The tradition and direction of the University of Bonn is naturally determined by all those who make up the institution—i.e. those who teach, learn, and research there. All of these people benefit greatly from the university’s carefully developed institutional profile, which in part states that:

  • Bonn is a research university that operates on an international level but in doing so it continually maintains its long standing traditions.
  • The school cooperates with a number of different universities and research establishments across the globe. 
  • The University of Bonn has developed unique teaching and research methods that have received worldwide recognition and acclaim.

Facts and Figures

Below we have provided just a few facts and figures illustrating the size and breadth of the University of Bonn:

University Personnel

544 professors 3,935 other academic staff 4,808 non-academic staff (including University Hospital)


32,500 students 4,000 foreign students

Study Programs

90 separate degree programs offered


Total expenditure of the University: Approx. 573 million Euros annually Third-parties funds for research: 156.6 million Euros annually


2 cluster of excellence (mathematics and immunology) 2 graduate schools (economics and physics/astronomy) 14 collaborative research centers 17 research units and clinical research groups  5 research training groups

Partnerships and Exchange Programs

The University of Bonn proudly maintains partnerships with 56 universities in Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

University Premises

The University of Bonn consists of 371 buildings spread throughout the city

University of Bonn Libraries

Over 5.5 million books and other media are held by the University of Bonn in approximately 100 different libraries

Nobel Prize Winners who attended the University of Bonn

Wolfgang Paul:  Nobel Prize for Physics, 1989 Reinhard Selten: Nobel Prize for Economics, 1994

Vision of the University of Bonn

The University of Bonn is a research-based University that operates internationally, actively seeks cooperation and sets clear subject priorities. Their academic profile is continually shaped by internationally recognized strengths, and over the forthcoming years, the University of Bonn is committed to further consolidating and enhancing this profile. The school intends to achieve this by selectively redefining professorships as they become vacant, pursuing a consistent policy of appointments and further building upon the existing incentives relating to research activity.

Faculties and Institutes at the University of Bonn

In order to efficiently carry out their responsibilities in teaching and research, the University of Bonn is organized into seven Faculties. These each comprise a large number of institutes, departments and clinics and some additional institutions with special duties are directly controlled by the Senate. Each Faculty is headed by a Dean and a Faculty Council, comprised of the Dean, the former Dean, 7 or 8 professors, 2 other academic staff, 1 or 2 non-academic staff and 2 students.

Information for International Students

The international approach to research and teaching has a long tradition in Bonn.  The university’s Department of International Affairs is at the very center of the school’s international exchange activities. It provides support and advice to international students and researchers, and coordinates projects and programs in cooperation with their international partner institutions.

Students interested in studying at the University of Bonn - whether in a degree program or through one of their many study-abroad programs - will find all the information they need on the school’s comprehensive website. They can also learn about German language classes and the options of intercultural exchange in Bonn.

Degree and Ph.D. Programs

  • International students interested in one of the UOB’s undergraduate or graduate degree programs will find roughly 120 programs from which to choose.
  • Many of these programs are taught in English and geared specifically for international students.
  • International students who already hold a Master’s degree can apply for admission into one of the school’s many doctorate-level programs

Why Study at the University of Bonn

Exchange students planning to live and spend a portion of their studies in Bonn can come to the university for a whole year, a semester or only a few weeks. The University of Bonn offers international students different possibilities to improve and extend their German language skills, and the school’s website lists a number of potential scholarship and financial aid opportunities for interested students. Intercultural exchange is a big part of campus-life at the University of Bonn, and students are given many opportunities to gain intercultural experiences and skills. Bonn is a popular place of study in Germany and, despite its importance as a federal city, has remained throughout the years a charming university town. Bonn is a city where studying and living are equally easy, and the centralized location of the university’s Main Building consistently draws students to the city center, where they’ll find an abundance of restaurants and entertainment amenities as well as many places of cultural and historical importance.

All Programs Available:
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  • Health
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  • Humanities
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Public University


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