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Woosong Education Foundation, our principal funding source, was founded in 1954 by Kim Jung-Woo with the aim of educating students who could take the initiative in rebuilding the Korean economy. Towards the end of the 20thcentury Woosong Education Foundation established a new undertaking, a university, to contribute to the Global community. Since 1994, when our sister university, Woosong University, was founded, it has earned a reputation for excellence in preparing students for practical careers. The creation of SolBridge in 2007 was a natural extension of the academic activism we see here in the city of Daejeon, which is the home of 17 colleges and universities and 35 government and private sector research institutes. Mission of SolBridge is to become one of the top 5 business schools in Asia within 10 years. SolBridge prepares students to be the next generation of Asian “Thought Leaders” in the rapidly growing Asian economy. SolBridge is unique among business schools for several reason including that it: • teaches all courses in English, • employs 80% international professors who have graduated from either Tier One or highly rated institutions, • follows an international business teaching model, • focuses on business in Asia through academic and cultural/language programs including the requirement for BBA students to study a third language, • has an international student body from 35 countries More than 80% of SolBridge students come from outside of Korea, and strives to maintain a balance of theory and practice in its teaching through immersion programs, special lecture series, certificate programs, workshops, site visits, and internships. To create Asian Thought Leaders, SolBridge, provides its students with: • A Global Perspective • Asian Expertise • Cross-cultural Competence Skills • A Creative Management Foundation • A Perspective for Social Responsibility • Accreditation

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  • Business
    • MBA
    • Business Administration (BBA)
    • BBA
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Dong-gu, Uam-ro 128 (Samsung-dong), , Daejeon, South Korea, 300-814


Woosong University, Association of Asia-Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS)