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The System Centros de Formación, or System Training Centers, is a private Spanish company offering e-learning and distance education programs for thousands of students around the country.  The centers, which are best accessed online, provide continuing education courses, classes in computers and computer systems, and programs leading to a wide variety of professional certificates.

About the System Centros de Formación and Its Offerings
The System Centros de Formación works privately with a wide range of companies in a variety of sectors to ensure their collective employees have access to the latest education and training—training that is imperative to the success of the business. Without going into too much detail regarding the thousands of courses and programs currently being offered by the System Centros de Formación, you should knowthe center specializes in:

E-Learning Courses

The System Centros de Formación boasts one of the most powerful e-learning or “Tele” platforms on the market today, offering individuals more than 2,000 courses related to computers, computer systems and software.

Business owners can now easily get their employees the training they need to stay current with today’s technological trends, and the certificates earned by the employees can even be customized with the company’s logo, image, name and/or address.  Once a student completes a course, their completion certificate is issued automatically and they can go on to the next available course.  From classes in web design to HTML programming to mastering Microsoft Word or Excel, you can be sure the System Centros de Formación has the right programs and courses for your business.

The flat rate charged by the System Training Centers includes unlimited activation of courses, regardless of the number of hours involved.  And if students get stuck on a certain section of their course, they can quickly access the call center for real-time tutoring.

Distance Education Courses

The System Centros de Formación offers a wide range of distance education courses for professionals working in a number of economic sectors, including health care, education and more.

With distance learning courses, the student will receive the course guide electronically, along with all the appropriate manuals and documentation, and or a CD with exercises and practices. After each session, students will complete the prescribed lessons and then send them back electronically to the instructor.  Tutors can also be accessed for these programs through the center’s call-in line.


The System Centros de Formación offers an extensive catalogue of books in a wide variety of subject areas.  Like the certificates students earn at the conclusion of e-learning and distance education courses, these books can be customized with the company’s logo and address, and all this is included in the flat fee.

The books published by the center are of the “step-by-step” variety and most include an accompanying workbook in which students can complete the various exercises of the course.
Continuing Education Courses
In certain professions, including education and health care, continuing education courses are mandatory and must be completed periodically as per the license agreements in which these professionals entered into when they began their career.  Among the continuing education services offered by the System Centros de Formación are: 

  • The offering of regulatory, operational and commercial advice.
  • Documentation Review.
  • Management with the Tripartite Foundation.
  • Helping Communication companies with start-up training.
  • Teaching courses and tutoring.
  • Monitoring and the evaluation of training.
  • Issuing certificates of participation upon completion.
  • Communicating with Social Security on the students’ behalf.
  • And more...

The comprehensive continuing education courses, most of which are conveniently offered via a distance education or online format, include all of these services and the appropriate teaching materials, including books, workbooks, quiz and exam sheets, notebooks and pens.

All Programs Available:
  • Computing
    • Information Technology
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