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The Rothberg International School is a division of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a school that welcomes international students from around the globe looking to attain a first-class education in one of the world’s finest institutions of higher learning and one of the globe’s most ancient lands.

Consistently ranked as one of the world’s Top 100 universities and one of the Top 25 schools located outside of the US, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem invites international students to Israel each year to experience the outstanding, first-class overseas study abroad programs offered at the Rothberg International School.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a multidisciplinary institution of higher learning and research, and an internationally recognized scientific center. The University’s faculty and alumni are leading world scholars and recipients of many national and international awards, including 8 Nobel Prize winners—the most prestigious academic awards in the world.  Among the University’s founders are notable intellectuals, scientists and philosophers, including Albert Einstein and Martin Buber.

More about the Rothberg International School

The Rothberg International School opened its first program in the year 1955, with a mere 22 students, all of whom were citizens of the United States. Since that time, the overseas study program has steadily expanded and the number of courses the school offers has greatly increased. Today the Rothberg International School attracts more than 2,000 students each year; students hailing from over 80 countries around the globe, all looking to study in an English-language program in the ancient and very beautiful country of Israel.

In addition to its vast array of academic offerings, the Rothberg International School’s vibrant campus in Mount Scopus also offers abundant opportunities for personal growth outside the classroom, opportunities through which international students can interact with one another and their Israeli peers. Students of the Rothberg International School can take advantage of stimulating lectures and seminars; participate in any number of diverse social, cultural and religious activities; and join up for countless invigorating athletic and recreational pursuits, offered both on campus and in the surrounding community.

Brief History of the Rothberg International School

Overseas students have been coming to study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem since the school’s founding in 1925; however it was not until 1955 that the first organized group of 22 American students arrived for a full year of accredited study.

This initial study abroad experience laid the groundwork for what was once called the “One Year Program” (today called the Undergraduate Study Abroad Program), and in 1971 led to the establishment of the program’s home, originally known as the School for Overseas Students.  On the 10th anniversary of the School for Overseas Students, the international institution was dedicated to—and eventually took on the name of—Sam Rothberg, whose vision, initiative and drive were major factors in the school’s creation and development.

Today the Rothberg International School has become an international arena for higher education, attracting motivated students from around the world. The institution has a full-fledged faculty, with an annual student population of more than 3,000 students. These students converge at the Rothberg International School seeking an extraordinary intellectual challenge; the opportunity for religious bonding; and the chance to pursue cultural activities.

When walking the vaunted hallways of the Rothberg International School, one can hear the English language spoken in the accents of New York, New England and the Deep South; of Britain, Australia and South Africa. You can also hear students speaking the ancient languages of Hebrew and Arabic; as well as Russian, Polish, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Korean and Japanese. The Rothberg International School brings all these students, from over 80 countries, together in Jerusalem to share a common academic and cultural experience.

Why Study at the Rothberg International School

There are countless reasons for students to consider the Rothberg International School as their study abroad destination, including the city in which the school is located:  the historic and scenic city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is a thriving city and modern metropolis, a place where East meets West, and where Judaism, Christianity and Islam merge and overlap in relative harmony. The city offers an array of sites and attractions to explore, including museums, restaurants, cafes and a vibrant night life, including bars and nightclubs where students can relax and meet new people after a long week of studying.  Jerusalem’s ideal location offers easy access to other main cities and attractions in Israel and beyond, including the very cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea and more.

Also high on the list of reasons to choose the Rothberg International School as a study abroad destination is the knowledge students will gain while studying here. The Rothberg International School is the premier international study center in Israel, with courses designed to open inquisitive minds to new areas of knowledge and inquiry. The faculty members include both young scholars and established professors in their fields, all of whom have studied at leading institutions of higher education throughout the world and who have been involved in the development of over 2,023 inventions and over 7,000 registered patents.

Additional Information for International Students

Office of Student Activities

Students who decide to study abroad at the Rothberg International School will want to become familiar with the school’s Office of Student Activities (OSA).

The Office of Student Activities is responsible for organizing diverse extracurricular programs that are specifically designed to introduce RIS students—students studying abroad—to the wondrous Land of Israel, including its people, geography, culture and politics. The many exciting events, tours and activities that are organized by the Office of Student Activities complement the excellent academic programs of the school and allow study abroad participants the opportunity to view the country from new angles and provides them with a comprehensive and very memorable Israeli experience.


Finally, the opportunity to live among other foreign students at the Rothberg International School is one of the most vital and exciting parts of the overall study-abroad experience. In doing so, students will have the opportunity to meet new friends from around the world; people with different cultures, backgrounds and continents—North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Europe—as well as the chance to share their collective experiences with the Israeli students they meet and befriend along the way.

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