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Located in the beautiful state of Massachusetts in the United States of America, the Winchendon School is a coeducational, multicultural community that provides college-bound students of good character and promise with the essential study skills and learning strategies needed to propel each of them to achieve academic success.

In 1926, the founder of the Winchendon School, Lloyd Harvey Hatch, had the vision to create an independent school that would be based on very small classes and highly individualized teaching. Mr. Hatch believed that his philosophy would allow students to achieve greater success in a traditional curriculum. His approach ensured that students more rapidly acquired skills and knowledge. Eighty-four years later, the school’s mission statement, while updated to reflect 21st century opportunities and realities, is still firmly based on its founder’s timeless vision.

Although the facilities at the Winchendon School can only be described as excellent and state-of-the-art, it is the people of the school that truly make the difference. Winchendon is an intimate community of 250 students and approximately 80 educators and other adults committed to supporting and learning from each other. The school’s instructors are excited about teaching and learning and have put the ‘fun’ back in fundamentals. That is why the students of the Winchendon School are always so engaged and consistently developing the confidence to succeed.

The Winchendon School is committed to providing small class sizes, individualized support, consistent written feedback, clear expectations, constant interaction with students, and a purposeful focus on building skills and strategies.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Winchendon School is the global community that defines its campus. While many private boarding schools offer different aspects of multicultural education, at Winchendon, they actually live it, perhaps like no other independent school in the Northeast. Their student body is truly diverse in every respect. One unique element of the Winchendon program is that every student and teacher at Winchendon is participating in Global Dynamics, an interdisciplinary journey that incorporates the history, art, literature, science, current events and economics of various regions of the world. As such Winchendon students graduate with a global awareness and the ability to live and work successfully with people from around the world.

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172 Ash Street, Winchendon, Massachusetts, The United States, 01475