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Universidad Nueva Esparta

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The Universidad Nueva Esparta, or New Esparta University, is an institution of higher learning that offers programs in a wide variety of fields, leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as diplomas and professional certifications.

Nueva Esparta is one of the 23 states of Venezuela. It comprises Margarita Island, Coche, and the largely uninhabited Cubagua. The state is the smallest one in area, and is located off the northeast Caribbean coast of Venezuela. It is the only insular state of Venezuela. Its name comes from the heroism shown by its inhabitants during the Venezuelan War of Independence, deemed similar to that of the Spartan soldiers of Ancient Greece. The main island of Margarita alone has an area of 934 square kilometers.

In 1909 the state of Nueva Esparta was constituted (then comprising Margarita and Coche Islands) and in 1947 the island of Cubagua was added. Its capital city is La Asunción, but the main urban center is Porlamar. Other important towns in Nueva Esparta include Juan Griego, Pampatar (home of the Port Authority), Punta de Piedras, San Juan Bautista, Las Guevaras, Las Hernández, Villa Rosa, Bella Vista (Margarita), El Valle del Espíritu Santo.

Brief History of the Universidad Nueva Esparta

The Universidad Nueva Esparta is the culmination of a solid, well-thought-out educational project that began in the 1950s.  The journey toward the successful institution began on September 20, 1954, when construction began on what would become the Colegio Nueva Esparta (Nueva Sparta College). The new facilities, designed by the architect Glorieta Redoubt, were fashioned in the popular colonial-style of the period and set in the center of the capital city (La Asunción).

After just a few short years, the vision of educational outreach that had always been a goal of its founders, Dr. John B. Marcano and Prof. Gladys Carmona J. Marcano, became manifest, as the school was completed in 1957 and began adding students to its first faculty, the School of Industrial Chemistry.

Many other schools were soon founded under the umbrella of the Colegio Nueva Sparta, and in 1970 these schools all consolidated with the influx of students from the metropolitan area and the rest of the country.

The rise to higher levels of education began with the creation of the School of Tourism in 1968, and in May 1973, the Universidad of Nueva Esparta was established, specializing in Tourism Management.

The goals at that time, at least in the short term, were the concentration of efforts in strengthening the University, expanding the number of course offerings, and providing greater access to students, including foreign students studying abroad.
By March of 1975, the Universidad of Nueva Esparta expanded its program offerings to include Civil Engineering and Construction, as well as Technology and Computation.

As the university expanded, the need for a new facility became a major priority for university administrators.  Thus, the first few years of the 1980s were spent trying to find a suitable location for the university.

After much debate and hard work, the University Nueva Esparta was relocated to the city of the same name on September 20, 1989.

Since that time, the Universidad of Nueva Esparta has served as a model of higher education in the region, one that represents a relentless pursuit of excellence.  Today the school features modern classrooms, laboratories and multipurpose rooms; state of the art technology in all buildings, including a massive computer work station; and a variety of other resources that aid in student success.

Universidad of Nueva Esparta:  Mission

According to the website for the Universidad of Nueva Esparta, the school’s mission statement is broken down into five parts, including:

  • The Universidad of Nueva Esparta aims to form its academic programs according to the needs of its students.  These programs will collectively provide students with the theoretical, historical and practical knowledge they will need to successfully move forward into their respective careers.
  • The programs at the Universidad of Nueva Esparta will focus not just on academics, but on human values such as responsibility, respect and an appreciation of other cultures.
  • The Universidad of Nueva Esparta will strive to participate nationally, throughout the Americas and around the world in research and development projects and programs—projects and programs that will ensure the quality of life for its citizens and sustain its interdependent progress as a country
  • The Universidad of Nueva Esparta will share all professional, scientific and technological updates with its national and international partners.
  • The Universidad of Nueva Esparta will structure all of its degree programs and graduation requirements according to the National Universities Council.

In addition to offering a variety of academic and professional degree and certificate programs, the Universidad of Nueva Esparta also sponsors several clubs and off-campus activities, ensuring that students will have an abundance of positive outlets for fun and recreation when they’re not busy studying in the classroom.

All Programs Available:
  • Business
    • Business Administration
    • Management
  • Computing
    • Information Technology
  • Engineering
    • Electronic Engineering
    • Graphic and Industrial Design Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
  • Hospitality, Leisure, Tourism and Travel
    • Tourism
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