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Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU belongs to the University Foundation of San Pablo, established in 1971. CEU San Pablo University Foundation is a non-profit educational institution with over 75 years' worth of experience in the field of education. CEU San Pablo is the most influential private education organization in Spain with more than 26,000 students from all over the world. CEU Cardenal Herrera University is one of the top choices for international English-speaking students interested in choosing to study abroad, particularly in Spain. Everyone is working towards achieving the university's goal of internationalisation. CEU Cardenal Herrera is committed in achieving academic and professional excellence of students. Students of CEU Cardenal will also have the opportunity to study at other European universities under the Erasmus+ scheme. The university has more than 250 bilateral agreements sign with European universities.

All Programs Available:
  • Architecture, Building and Landscape
    • Architecture
    • Architecture Foundations
  • Arts, Design and Crafts
    • Industrial Design
    • Design
  • Business
    • Education Management
    • Executive MBA
    • Leadership
    • International Business Management
    • Business Administration (BBA)
    • Advanced Management
    • MBA
    • Advertising
    • Public Relations
    • Marketing
  • Communications
    • Cinema/Film Studies
    • Audiovisual Communication
    • Journalism
    • Television
    • Advertising Communication
    • Journalism and Audiovisual Communication (dual degree)
    • Image and Sound
  • Education
    • Teacher Preparation for ESO Bat FP and EI
    • Childhood Education
    • Teacher Training for Primary Education
    • Teacher Training for Physical Education
    • Secondary Education
    • Teacher Training for Secondary Education
    • Didactic of Musical Physical and Plastic Expression
    • Didactic
    • Primary Education
    • Teacher Training for Early Chilhood Education
    • Higher Education
    • Elementary Education
    • Education
  • Health
    • Nursing
    • Pharmacology
    • Nutrition and Health
    • Dentistry
    • Endodontics
    • Human Physiology
    • Human Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Veterinary Medicine
    • Human Health Studies
    • Anatomy
    • Optometry
  • Humanities
    • International Relations
  • Law
    • International Law
    • Law
    • Civil Law
    • Administrative Law
Language of instruction

English, French, Spanish

Type of school

Private University



C/ Luis Vives, 1, Alfara del Patriarca, Valencia, 46115


CERTIF LEY 49.2002 PARA 2014 + ANECA