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Vaasa Polytechnic, also known as VAMK, is a modern and international University of Applied Sciences which provides high level theoretical and practical oriented education in Finnish and in English, both at the Bachelor level in full-time and part-time education as well as the professional Master´s degree level.

About Vaasa Polytechnic

The main areas of focus at Vaasa Polytechnic are high technology, international business, and health care and social services. VAMK takes a special interest in combining the traditional entrepreneurial spirit of the region with international awareness, languages and culture in the education. There is a strong emphasis on internationalization and the instructors maintain a high educational standard. Vaasa Polytechnic has an extensive cooperation network with universities and other educational and research institutions abroad, as well as in Finland. The personnel, programs and services team up to provide an extensive range of learning alternatives, collectively offering an unbeatable combination of quality education in the modern and student-friendly city of Vaasa. Currently, VAMK is home to 3,300 students enrolled and a full-time staff of over 230 members, as well as 50 part-time or visiting teachers and professors. The university has two campuses, one in Palosaari—the sea side campus—and and one on Raastuvankatu, right in the heart of the Vaasa city center. Both campuses are easily reached and only about 1.5 kilometers from each other.

Vaasa Polytechnic, or VAMK Ltd, University of Applied Sciences, is an international higher education institution educating Bachelor’s and Master’s degree candidates in a variety of academic and professional fields. VAMK Ltd is owned by the city of Vaasa, the University of Vaasa, the Regional Council of Ostrobothnia and the Ostrobothnia Chamber of Commerce.

Vaasa Polytechnic:  Mission, Vision and Values

Vaasa Polytechnic serves to educate international experts, who in turn go on to serve the commercial and industrial life of the West Finnish region. VAMK is a multilingual and international higher education institution, which offers education in two languages as well as opportunities for research, development and innovation activities integrated into the teaching of technology, business economics and health care and social services.

VAMK offers education in the form of specialization studies and degree programs leading to basic degrees and professional Master's degrees.

As per the school’s website, the mission of Vaasa Polytechnic is “to train international experts for the needs of the Ostrobothnia working life by offering Degree Programs in Technology, Business Economics, Health Care and Social Services, and by conducting research and development work closely linked in these fields. Their operations are both multilingual and international.”

The vision of the university is “to be an energetic, attractive, and international learning and research community, which operates in close professional partnership with the region’s working life supporting the region’s success.”

Many values are held dear at Vaasa Polytechnic.  Among these are:

  • Customer orientation: Vaasa Polytechnic understands the needs and expectations of customers, and they strive to meet those needs and expectations through flexible, high-quality operations.
  • Sustainable development: Vaasa Polytechnic brings additional value to western Finland by developing their operations persistently and innovatively and by respecting environmental values.
  • Future-orientated expertise: Vaasa Polytechnic provides the economy with experts and ensures their own know-how and expertise through continuous learning programs.
  • Respect: Vaasa Polytechnic builds mutual trust by respecting everyone as a human being, and they openly give positive and constructive feedback.

Information for International Students

Internationality, multilingualism and multiculturalism are an integral part of teaching and everyday activities at Vaasa Polytechnic.

The three English degree programs offered by the university attract approximately 400 students from abroad every year. Similarly, approximately 180 students of VAMK go abroad as part of student exchange or work placement programs.

Visiting lecturers from abroad add their own perspective to the studies, and VAMK's own staff also participates actively in foreign teacher and expert exchange programs.

International activities at Vaasa Polytechnic include outgoing and incoming student, trainee, and teacher exchanges. The school also promotes internationalization at home.

Why Study at Vaasa Polytechnic

Vaasa Polytechnic is located on Finland’s west coast, and each year the school plays host to hundreds of international students studying abroad. If you are a student at one of VAMK’s partner universities you can find all the necessary forms for applying and information regarding courses and availability on the school’s website.

Students from the fields of health care, social services, technology and communication can also apply for internships through VAMK.

Vaasa Polytechnic boasts a well-equipped learning environment that consists of two campuses located within walking distance from each other. The historically important and newly renovated buildings of the City Campus provide an inspiring atmosphere for learning, whereas the Palosaari Campus is nestled in an attractive setting by the sea.

VAMK is proud of its modern and well-equipped facilities. Technobothnia, the technology research and teaching laboratory, for example, provides the school’s engineering students with an excellent platform to participate in projects introducing the latest technology. Numerous local and international companies and organizations also provide the Business Economics and Tourism students an authentic training environment.  Finally, the practical training in the region's bilingual organizations within Health Care and Social Services as well as in the school's modern premises help to prepare the students for the next chapter of their lives. All students at Vaasa Polytechnic have free access to computers linked to the Internet and a wireless campus network. The auditoriums and classrooms are equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment to enhance student learning, and the library collections and information services are available to all students. There are also a handful of student restaurants on both campuses, as well as a variety of other amenities. The city of Vaasa is a very appealing locale in which to study. As a hub for the technology export industry, and as a prime center of tourism, the city offers an active and international environment for both the staff and students of VAMK. It has been calculated that the total amount of students in higher education in Vaasa is approximately 12,000, which means that about every fifth person students meet in the city is bound to be a degree student. These numbers are also evident in the broad selection of services and hobbies provided by the city. Vaasa is indeed a reputable academic city and students are an integral part of it.

All Programs Available:
  • Philology, Languages, Literature
    • Language Courses
Language of instruction

Finnish, Swedish, English, German

Type of school

Public University




Raastuvankatu 29, Vaasa, Finland, 65100