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Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto is a cost-free adult educational institution specializing in the various fields of art.  Studies are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and are aimed at both traditional and non-traditional artistic subjects and professional fields.  In addition to traditional, degree-focused programs, Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto also offers a number of themed short-courses.  Art education is also provided to students with various physical and mental handicaps.

Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto:  Background

The educational activities of Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto began back in 1899, and today the school is known as a "grundtvigilainen," meaning that it is a politically and religiously independent institution that provides education for all qualified applicants. The main emphases of Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto are humanistic values, humanity, and national cultural identity, as well as human responsibility for the environment.  Since its founding, the college has also served as a full-scale boarding school for students interested in pursuing one or more of the artistic fields as a career.

Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto is a private educational institution, with a background as a community college sponsored by the Southwest Finland Adult Education Foundation. "Life's search for the truth" is the motto of the college.

Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto: Programs

As mentioned above, Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto is a college of the arts, specializing in fields such as painting, sculpting, music and the performance arts, among other specialties.  The institution also focuses on a few non-traditional artistic fields, a few of which are mentioned below.


For students interested in pursuing a career as a make-up artist, Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto has the perfect program.  The make-up artist program, known as Maskeerauslinjalla in Finnish, is a 34-week course of study, and graduates of the program receive a certificate that qualifies them to work as a professional make-up artist.

During the make-up training program, students learn all facets of the make-up industry. This includes standard make-up, as well as movie-effect make-up—teaching students how to simulate aging, bruises and injuries, as well as a variety of hairstyles.

The curriculum of the make-up program also includes training in hairpieces, beards and mustaches, as well as studies related to customer service and project work.

Musical Theatre

The aim of the Musical Theater program at Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto is to provide students with a basic knowledge of musical theater exercises and presentations.  This popular training program aims to improve students’ opportunities to find employment in the field of theater and deepen their skills in the performing arts as a whole. For students not interested in working in a theater setting, the training can also be used in many educational, teaching and social work arenas.

Studies in the musical theater program focus on both small and large-scale theater productions, giving students the skills and confidence they need to be successful. Programs stress the “whole” of such programs, as Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto believes it is important that students familiarize themselves with the production of the play from beginning to end.

The musical theater program includes both theory and practical classes, the latter of which is taught through guided exercises. The program includes modules in acting, dance, voice, maintenance, solo singing, and musical history, as well as classes geared towards those who desire careers as theater instructors.

At the conclusion of the program, students will have the opportunity to direct and perform their own musical theater production.

Music Technology

Music Technology program provides students with a modern view of today's music technology and familiarizes them with the various physical devices used in the process (Interfaces, preamps, microphones, mixers) and software (Logic Studio, Sibelius, Main Stage, MaxMSP, ProTools, Waves).

The course focuses on three main areas: studio-operation (recording, editing, mixing and mastering), live audio (digital and analog mixers), and notation programs. The studies also include a visit to a live performance, as well as courses in lighting equipment.

The Music Technology program at Varsinais Suomen Kansanopisto is geared for students of all ability levels—previous studies in music are not necessarily required.  The program is divided into five distinct sections, each with its own musical theme: pop, blues music, rock/ heavy metal, groove/funk, and adaptation. The course also features guest lectures and enables students to make visits to studios and sound and lighting companies.

In addition to these five sessions, courses are also offered in the areas of music theory, songwriting and the history of music education.

The Music Technology program provides a stepping stone to the world of professional music, and also offers students a chance at further education in professional conservatories.

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