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The UAE or United Arab Emirates, commonly known simply as the Emirates, is a wealthy country with a booming economy, located on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Fueled by the outpouring of oil from the country’s massive fossil fuels industry, commerce is thriving in the UAE. Despite being a relatively small country, the Emirates have the 6th-largest oil reserves on the planet. This oil wealth has vastly enriched the wealthier classes of Emirati society, and overflowing coffers have led to investments in things like infrastructure, public works, and of course education.
Politically, the UAE consists of 7 absolute monarchies loosely clustered around a weak central government. Although the Constitution of the Emirates states that regular elections (among ruling families, not the people) should determine leadership within the federal government, in effect top government posts invariably go to members of the royal families.  Thus, the political organization of United Arab Emirates is more akin to a federation of monarchies than to a nation-state in the modern sense.
Ever since the 1960s, when oil was discovered in unification achieved as a result, education has been rapidly improving in the United Arab Emirates.  Today, literacy stands at approximately 91% (although the vast proliferation and rapid migrations of immigrant populations make this a difficult number to pin down precisely), and education accounts for more than 25% of all government spending.
Prioritizing education has been a successful approach for the UAE, which has seen achievement numbers skyrocket throughout the country. Free education is available from kindergarten all the way through the undergraduate level, and almost 90% of high school graduates apply to one or more universities. This high demand for higher education is indicative of the quality of education received at the primary and secondary levels, and helps to reinforce the need to commit resources to the university system.
The rapidity with which the UAE has developed an effective, integrated, and independent education system is remarkable, especially in the area of colleges and universities. After only a few decades of unification, the Emirates have one of the best university systems in the region, and have become a popular destination for aspiring students from across the Middle East and around the world. With excellent universities and a prosperous economy, it is no surprise that large numbers of foreign students come to the UAE to live, work, and study.
Much of the reason for the UAE’s popularity among foreign students is the familiarity that Westerners and many other foreigners feel in Emirati cities. Boasting  modern shopping malls, skyscrapers, and a physical infrastructure is among the best in the Middle East, cities in the UAE feel in many ways the European or American cities influenced by a unique Middle Eastern culture. In addition, the UAE is safe, stable, and secure.
As one of the world’s main Arabic speaking nations, the UAE is a popular destination for students seeking to gain an immersion experience in the Arabic language. However, although Arabic is the official language of the United Arab Emirates, English is in fact more widely used in urban areas throughout most of the country.  This is a result of the fact that the UAE is home to sizable immigrant communities from South and Southeast Asia. In a diverse and multilingual society such as this, English is frequently used as the lingua franca.

International Study Abroad Programs in United Arab Emirates

The UAE has become a sought after destination for students who want to pursue higher education abroad. The UAE comprises of emirates like Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Ras al-Khaimah. Among these emirates, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are the most popular places for students planning to study abroad in the UAE.

International students from all over the world come to pursue international study programs in the UAE. The country is safe and offers amazing cultural diversity. The locals are friendly and welcome overseas students, women are treated with the utmost respect; tolerance and acceptance of all religions is thoroughly demonstrated.

Why Study Abroad in UAE?

UAE offers plenty of opportunities for growth in to aspirants from around the globe. It has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Moreover, UAE is renowned for its hospitality, safety and considerate nature. UAE offers ample possibilities for job training and employment, owing to rapid development in the areas of infrastructure, trade and commerce. Most universities and colleges in UAE use English as the medium of instruction. This is one of the many reasons for why UAE is a popular choice for students who want to study abroad.

A number of colleges and universities have been established in the UAE over the last two decades. Students, who choose to study abroad in the UAE, have a wide range of university or college study programs to choose from. The educational system in the region comprises a variety of education institutions, including schools, colleges and universities. Moreover, numerous training institutes also offer professional qualifications and vocationally driven programs in various disciplines. Institutes in the UAE have considerable autonomy to set their own objectives, structure and admission requirements. Although, some public universities and colleges in UAE restrict admission to nationals only, several private institutions are open for enrolment to international students, who meet the admission requirements. Students looking to study abroad in UAE may enroll in any of the various disciplines that the colleges offer. International study programs in UAE range from academic, technical and professional degree programs in numerous disciplines.

Things to do in UAE

International students can enroll into the numerous internationally recognized programs offered by institutions for students looking to study in the UAE. Universities and colleges in the UAE offer both part time and fulltime courses, which offer students an opportunity to work and study. There is no personal income tax in the country, and there are plenty of companies that hire talented young people. So if hired, international students can save considerable money for future.

The UAE is considered to be a shopper’s paradise. Those who study in UAE can enjoy shopping in Dubai on weekends or during the famous Dubai Shopping Festival. Dubai has some of the world’s best hotels and restaurants. The crime rate is very low, and the region is politically stable. Hence, the UAE is one of the safest destinations for students who wish to study abroad.

The UAE as a study abroad locale offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy leisure activities. Sharjah is the cultural capital of the Arab world, where one can see mosques, museums and many other cultural places. International students can also relish the famous Emirati cuisine in Sharjah. In addition, there are lots of outdoor activities that students can do in the UAE, such as skiing in the indoor ski facility, dessert safaris, sea based activities like fishing and sightseeing.

Cities to study in United Arab Emirates

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