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Warm, quiet, and tousled by gentle sea breezes, the US Virgin Islands are a classic example of the Caribbean island paradise. The archipelago, which consists of 3 large islands and a number of smaller ones, is an unincorporated territory of the United States, and the language and culture of its educational institutions are accordingly Americanized. English is the most widely spoken language, and educational standards are more or less the same as they would be in any other US territory. In addition, the islands' mild climate and picturesque beaches make them popular destinations for tourists and other visitors from abroad. The prevalence of English, along with a warm climate, makes the islands a pleasant and practical destination for English-speaking students from around the world
As an unincorporated territory of the United States, the US Virgin Islands are administered by the US government. The head of state is American president Barack Obama, while the head of government is a locally-elected governor. Islanders do not vote in American general elections, although they do have some opportunity to have their voices heard in mainland politics–particularly during primary elections, when they can select candidates from the main parties. Foreign policy in the US Virgin Islands is directed by a special office in the Department of the Interior.
By far the most important pillar of the islands' economy is tourism - more than 80% of GDP comes from the source, with the rest coming from the small agricultural sector, and a small but rapidly growing international business and finance sector. Manufacturing also plays a significant role in the economy of the US Virgin Islands. Compared to some of their neighbors in the Caribbean, citizens the US Virgin Islands are fairly well-off and their economy is, for the most part, stable. The only major risk is periodic tropical storms, which interrupt economic activity and can do serious damage to infrastructure.
The quality of education in the US Virgin Islands is inconsistent - while there are several reputable institutions in various places around the islands, the general quality of public education is considered to be fairly poor. This is particularly true of high schools on the main islands. For this reason, and because of the absence of schools in communities on some of the smaller islands, homeschooling is a popular option for local residents, and activities such as sports leagues are frequently organized in order to enable homeschooled students and their parents to get to know each other.
With its tiny population and land area, as well as its relative isolation from other territories (other than Puerto Rico, which is nearby), the archipelago is a small and independent system of higher education. The one major university in the US Virgin Islands is University of the Virgin Islands or UVI. While UVI is small, it has several highly respected program, and its degrees, which conform to American standards, are of great value on the global jobs market.