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About Study Abroad Programs in Argentina

Are you interested in pursuing a study abroad opportunity through your local university?  If so, you have probably already considered many of the usual destinations, including France, Italy, Spain, the UK or even Japan and Australia, but one that may not have come to mind is Argentina.  The second largest country in South America after Brazil, Argentina is home to several institutions of higher learning that partner with schools overseas for study abroad programs.  It also offers a wealth of fun things to do and see and thousands of friendly people that would welcome, even relish the opportunity to showcase their country.  To help you make a more informed decision, below we will describe this fascinating country in a bit more detail, including a very brief word about the study abroad programs, and some helpful information on the many ways to fill your time when not in the classroom.
International Study Abroad Programs in Argentina
The people of Argentina wear their country’s academic success and commitment like a badge of honor…literally.  Primary and secondary students are required to wear the universal school uniform—a white coat-like garment resembling a lab coat that serves as a symbol of learning throughout the country.  This educational pride is one of the first things you will notice as a participant in an international study abroad program in Argentina.
Study abroad programs in Argentina, much like in all countries, afford you the opportunity to earn valuable university credits in a program of your choice, with instruction in your native language.  It also allows you to live in Argentina for a time (semester, year, summer break), either in student housing, an apartment or with a host family, and lets you enjoy all the culture, sights, sounds and food that Argentina has to offer.
Things to Do and See in Argentina
There are six main regions in Argentina, each just as beautiful as the next, but when taking part in an international study abroad program, odds are you’ll be studying in the Pampas region.  Pampas is home to the two largest and most influential cities in Argentina:  Buenos Aires and Cordoba.
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina and the country’s true economic center.  As a student taking a break in this bustling metropolis there will be plenty of ways to occupy your time.  From museums showcasing the diverse and unique history of the region to the tree-lined streets and turn of the century architecture to the sidewalk cafes and raucous nightlife hotspots, Buenos Aires has something for everybody’s tastes.
The city of Cordoba is the former capital and is second only to Buenos Aires in economic importance.  Known as the “heartland of Argentina,” this mostly-rural area is the ideal spot for unwinding after a long day of studying.  Located in the fertile valley of the Primo River, and home to numerous scenic lakes, gardens and parks, Cordoba is a safe and welcoming place for observing some of the diverse natural flora and fauna of beautiful Argentina.

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