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Study Abroad Programs in Belgium

About Study Abroad Programs in Belgium

Does your college or university offer study abroad programs—programs that allow you to study and live in another country for a summer, semester or full academic year?  Most major universities do, and the best part about participating is you get to study in a program of your choice, in your own language, and earn academic credit towards your degree at your home university.  If this opportunity sounds like a lot of fun, and it should, the next step is picking a country in which you’d like to study.  One of your choices, an option that many former study-abroad participants recommend, is Belgium, a warm and sophisticated country with a rich history and fascinating culture.  To help you become more acquainted with this beautiful country, below we will provide some important facts, along with a few enticing suggestions on what to do and see while you’re there—places that offer the prospect for fun and enrichment when you’re taking a break from your studies.
The Many Reasons to Make Belgium Your Study Abroad Destination
Belgium is a gem of a country, one surrounded by France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.  A founding member of the European Union, whose headquarters are located in its capital city of Brussels, Belgium is not only politically relative, but extremely important and influential.  While visiting there you can tour some of this political influence, represented by institutions such as the European Commission and Council and the NATO building.
Belgium is a very diverse country as well, with three official languages.  These are Dutch, French and German, listed in order of the number of native speakers of each language.  The Dutch-speaking people in Belgium, also called the Flemish, number over 6 million and are concentrated in the northern Flanders region of the country.  Over 3 million French speakers, or Walloons as they are called, occupy the Wallonia region to the south, while the lone German speaking community, located just east of Wallonia, is home to the 70,000 + German speakers.  Because of this diversity, Belgium and its people are very warm and friendly to international visitors.
The French influence and elegance is palpable throughout Belgium, particularly in Brussels, and is easily recognizable in their cuisine, fashion and institutions.  Throughout this cosmopolitan country you’ll find numerous galleries and museums, all showcasing the history and art of the region, both past and modern.  Sidewalk cafes are plentiful, as are fine dining establishments serving local, European and international fare.  At night you can take in a show at one of the many theaters, or dance the night away at the local discotheque.
While internationally Belgium is perhaps best known for its glitz and contributions to food and drink, including the renowned Belgium waffle and the tempting array of fine chocolates and beer, the country also features beautiful landscapes.  Its miles of white sandy beaches are perfect for relaxing and rejuvenating in the warm sunshine, while its rolling plains, rivers, gorges, lakes and gardens make the region a dream spot for nature lovers and photographers alike.
As you can see, visiting Belgium as a study abroad participant offers much more than just an educational opportunity, but a chance to expand your horizons, meet new people and experience a fun adventure you’ll never want to forget.