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About Study Abroad Programs in Canada

Are you looking for a unique study abroad experience, one that not only offers an excellent academic component, but plenty of opportunities for enrichment and enjoyment?  Do you want to visit a land with exquisite natural beauty, an endless array of sights and attractions and a rich, warm culture that’s diverse and inviting?  If so, you have just described Canada to a “T”—a country that can provide all of these features and more, and one that should be high on your list of potential study destinations.  To further illustrate this point; below we will briefly describe how study abroad programs are conducted in Canada, followed by a list of reasons for making Canada your destination of choice for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Study Abroad in Canada

Whether you reside in the United States, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else in the world, you can rest assured that Canada has a study abroad opportunity that’s just right for you.  So how do these programs work?  You may have noticed that at your college or university there is a small percentage of international students, some of which are undoubtedly Canadian.  This is because, like your school, universities throughout Canada have forged partnerships with other international institutions, enabling a select few of their students to study abroad in a foreign nation.  In return, Canadian universities make it possible for international students to come to Canada and study.  It’s a win-win for everybody!!
As a participant in one of these programs, you’ll study in your own language, and in a program approved by your university, earning precious credits towards your degree.  The programs can span a semester, a full academic year, or in some cases, just a few weeks during the summer.  During this time you’ll typically reside in student dormitories or apartments, giving you the opportunity to learn the Canadian culture, make new friends with people from around the world and explore all the amazing sights sounds and attractions Canada has to offer.

Why Study Abroad in Canada

The reasons to choose Canada as a study abroad locale are virtually endless, primarily because Canada is such a massive country, second only to Russia in terms of total land area, with ten large provinces, two vast territories and more to do and see than you can possibly imagine.  Here are just a few of the characteristics that make Canada stand out from the competition:


Students who visit Canada will be amazed by the country’s diversity in terms of culture, climate and landscapes.  Canada is a nation of immigrants, and as such, each province has a policy that encourages and invites diversity.  Wherever you decide to go, from the pristine coastlines of Vancouver, to the rugged mountains and sparkling lakes of the Northwest Territories, you’ll find a wide range of ethnic neighborhoods, with shops and cuisine ideal for any taste.

Natural Wonders

Canada boasts some of the most renowned and oft-visited natural wonders in the world, including the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks in British Columbia, the Provincial Dinosaur attraction in Alberta, and the world-famous Niagara Falls, located between Buffalo, New York and the bustling metropolis of Toronto.

Festivals, Shows and Attractions

Depending on which province you visit and the time of year, Canada offers a number of fun events and cultural festivals.  In Calgary you can visit the renowned Calgary Stampede, a fun-filled week of live rodeo action, while in Vancouver you’ll be awed by the largest fireworks display in the world at the Vancouver Celebration of Lights.  If the arts or more your thing, you’d probably enjoy the Edmonton Music Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival, and for a day of relaxation from your rigorous study schedule, the Canadian Tulip Festival, held each year in Ottawa, is great way to see some of Canada’s natural beauty up close and personal.
This is just a small sample of what your study abroad adventure could entail, and with all there is to see and do in Canada it’s no wonder so many study-abroad students from around the world are now opting to make this country their destination of choice.

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