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Intensive Chinese Language Program's Overview Our most flexible option to study Chinese in China, you can go to a small Chinese school Shanghai with our classes beginning every Monday of the year for varying levels. Classes run for three hours Monday to Friday. The teachers at our partner school all have years of experience and a passion for teaching. They have all received thorough training in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and are officially certified. our partner school uses simulated everyday situations as the main teaching approach, enabling students to learn quickly and... See full description.

International College Beijing (ICB)

Denver, China
International College Beijing (ICB) offers a UC Denver bachelor of arts degree in communication or economics. Courses are taught in English by UC Denver faculty in Beijing. Mailing Address:. China Agricultural University East Campus, Mailbox 94 No. 17 Qing Hua Dong Road Beijing, Haidian District 100083 PRC. Physical Address:. International College Beijing "ICB Building", Office 402 USA voicemail: +1 (303) 731-3813.

The Centre for Sustainability Shanghai

The Centre for Sustainability Shanghai provides the opportunity for carefully selected students to undertake an international internship. Taking an internship abroad is now crucial in promoting your own personal brand and CV shine against others.The Center for Sustainability will carefully tailor unique and specific internship programs which are designed to facilitate both companies and interns to find their suitable counterpart in terms of sustainability. China is leading the way in sustainable development and practice environmentally, socially and economically allowing for a diverse... See full description.

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About Study Abroad Programs in China

Are you currently a university student and considering spending a semester or two studying overseas?  Have you made a decision yet as to where you’d like to go?  Studying abroad can be the opportunity of a lifetime, and due to the popularity of these programs among students, the number of potential destination choices has risen sharply in recent years.  While the countries of Europe, including France, Spain, Italy and the UK, remain the top option for many students studying abroad, an increasing number of young collegians are now setting their sights to the East, to the Far East and the People’s Republic of China.

Study Abroad Programs in China

Study abroad programs in China operate in much the same way as they do in the rest of the world, in that many Chinese universities have formed partnerships with other institutions throughout the world, offering you the unique opportunity to earn valuable credits towards your degree, while simultaneously enjoying the sights, sounds and tastes that comprise China’s culture.  The programs, which typically span either a semester or full academic year, allow you to study in a program approved by your university, one that is taught  in your own language, while living in a dorm or some other type of university lodging, a shared or private apartment or with a host family.

Why Should I Study in China?

In recent years, studying abroad opportunities in China have increased tenfold, allowing more and more students the chance to experience the awe and wonder of this intriguing country firsthand.  Programs are now being offered by almost every major university in China, some of which rank among the best in the world according to global rankings.  One of these schools is Peking University, located in Beijing, and because it would be impossible to list everything China has to offer within the parameters of this short article, let’s instead take a look at some of the things to do and see while studying and living in Beijing.

Beijing is the capital and largest city in China, and definitely the ideal place for students wishing to learn the culture and history of this ancient country.  It’s a fast-moving city—a city that is rapidly growing and changing to meet the demands of its people—but if you can appreciate the fun and excitement of a frenetic pace, you’ll certainly feel right at home in this very welcoming environment.

Beijing has a number of captivating must-see sights, but perhaps tops on the list is the Forbidden City, once home to Chinese emperors, and their numerous “posse” of eunuchs, councilors and concubines.  Here you’ll be treated to a breathtaking mix of ancient art, artifacts and architecture, and if you opt for the guided tour (a must, in our opinion) make sure to look for the recurring colors and themes within the city, such as the predominance of yellow—symbolizing the power of the emperors—and the number “9,” a symbol of masculinity and virility.  

Students who remember with admiration the confrontation that took place at Tiananmen Square, where a solitary protester bravely stared down a perilous array of army tanks, will be simply awed by the sheer size of this city center—the largest public square in the world.

If you get hungry from all this sightseeing, on the streets of Beijing, fruits and traditional soups can be purchased from the storefronts, and if you like the taste of Peking Duck you simply must discover how delicious it REALLY is when prepared firsthand in the city of its origin.

And finally, when taking a break from your studies, try to take advantage of the pedi-cabs and ride through the “hutongs”—the narrow streets—of old Beijing where the streets are lined with stunning courtyard homes and glistening lakes.

Studying and living in China, if even for a semester, is a wonderful way to broaden your personal, cultural and economical horizons, learn a new language and meet new friends, and with a history that dates back over 6,000 years you’ll never be at a loss for something to do or see.

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