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About Study Abroad Programs in Costa Rica

Studying abroad, or obtaining your education in a different country than your country of origin, is a unique way to get your education. Many people are now choosing to go to the beautiful Central American nation of Costa Rica to participate in one of their many international study abroad programs. Costa Rica is a nation that boasts a varying environment, full of biodiversity. The nation boasts rain forests, mountains, and even volcanoes and is known for their environmental concern and preservation efforts.

Costa Rica is also known for its excellent education system and cutting edge higher education options. This is an especially good destination for those who want both a high quality education, as well as access to a wide variety of outdoor activities. Outdoor enthusiasts will love all the adventure Costa Rica has to offer, and greenies will enjoy all the ecologically conscious travel destinations. Many boast that Costa Rica is an excellent place to live and learn. The tropical and subtropical climate is a draw for many.

The national language of Costa Rica is Spanish, and Costa Rica is known for speaking "pure" Spanish. That is, Spanish that is not marred by regional dialect or a lot of slang. This makes it an excellent place to study the Spanish language, while immersed in authentic Spanish culture.

There are a number of different, internationally recognized, study abroad programs in Costa Rica. There are also a number of different types of programs you can participate in from academic and graduate studies, summer programs, internships, and even programs for high school students who are looking for the opportunity to enrich their education by studying in a foreign land. Most of the study abroad programs are in San Jose, the home of one million people, and the largest city in the country.

There are over 165 different study abroad programs offered in Costa Rica, offering an educational opportunity for pretty much any field of study. Most programs are less than $9,000 a semester and include all the services one might need. This includes tuition, room and board, airfare, and accommodations while in Costa Rica. Scholarships are also available to help offset the cost and allow for those of lesser means to enjoy the wonderful experience of studying abroad.

The International Study Abroad program has been in place in Costa Rica since 1998  and their programs are well renowned for their quality and student satisfaction. Study abroad programs offer the immersion of living with a Costa Rican host family, which makes the experience more authentic. In addition to an excellent education, students will also be offered access to a number of different cultural experiences that will help broaden their experience in Costa Rica.

When deciding to study abroad, you want to ensure that you choose a quality program, and choose a location that offers all you are looking for. With the beautiful landscape and mild climate, as well as the excellent educational opportunities, Costa Rica is quickly becoming one of the more popular places to choose to study abroad in.

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