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Study Abroad Programs in Germany

About Study Abroad Programs in Germany

To study and live abroad for a short time in a country like Germany is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you won’t soon forget.  Not only does the country play host to several world-class universities and hundreds of international students from around the world, it also boasts a warm, unique culture, friendly people and tasty cuisine; traits that collectively ensure that every moment of your study-abroad adventure will be truly memorable.

Ever since the end of the Cold War, with the fall of the Soviet Union and the removal of the wall separating West Germany from East Germany, the number of study abroad programs in the new German Federation has risen exponentially with the German economy.  The Germany of today is one of prosper and hope, a place in which students can study and live comfortably while also seeing some of the country’s amazing cultural and historical sites.  Since the 1990s, education has been a key priority of the German government, and with a rise in the number of individuals from around the world seeking study abroad opportunities, officials have made international student education one of their prime focuses. 

About the International Study Abroad Programs in Germany

The German education system understands the need for international education in our ever-increasing global economy.  As such, many of its universities now reserve space and scholarship money for the education of international students—foreign students who want to seek part or all of their degree in a German university.  Another way German universities show their support for such programs is by encouraging their own native German student body to similarly take advantage of study abroad opportunities in other countries.  By doing so, not only do they provide a chance for these young individuals to gain a fresh educational perspective via alternate learning and teaching modalities, they also give them  the opportunity to learn about and embrace a new culture and meet and network with other like-minded students from around the world, forming relationships that most international students will cherish for a lifetime.

Germany is renowned for the quality of its education programs, particularly in the science and technological fields where its universities and students always seem to excel.  It is this excellence that consistently draws international students to its doorstep; students looking to study in areas such as mathematics, physics, information technology, engineering, business management, physical science, architecture and medicine.  Once here, students engage in a well-rounded course of study that combines theoretical classroom-based studies with practical research-based courses.  Best of all, the credits students earn upon taking and passing these courses can be transferred in their entirety to their home university in their native country.

Why Choose Germany for Your Study Abroad Experience?

Currently, there are over 300 institutions of higher learning scattered throughout Germany—a combination of state-run universities and private schools.  These schools can be generally classified into three broad categories:  Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences and Colleges of Film, Music and Art.  Together these institutions offer a wide breadth of subject areas in broad categories such as health science, physical science, engineering, technology, social science, and arts and humanities, ensuring that international students of all interests will find exactly the types of courses they seek.

The academic standards in Germany are very rigid, and instructors encourage students to work hard and reach high as a way to realize their full potential.   The country’s well-known reputation for excellence in fields such as science, engineering and technology ensures that students pursuing courses in these areas will be introduced to and become familiar with a number of new systems, processes and techniques may later benefit them as they continue their studies and begin their careers.

Germany also offers plenty to do and see outside of its famous colleges and universities.  The country is literally bursting with museums, galleries, famous architectural structures and monuments, not to mention an array of medieval castles, trendy nightclubs and bars, and wonderful restaurants serving nothing but the best in local and international cuisine.  Germany is centrally located in Europe, making it the perfect gateway through which students can explore other parts of Europe as well, including France, Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Simply put, if you’re looking to combine a world-class education with an exciting European adventure, you simply must check out all the wonderful study abroad opportunities now available in Germany.