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Study Abroad Programs in France

American InterContinental University Study Abroad Programs, Paris

Paris, France
The American InterContinental University was founded in 1970 with the purpose do design associate, master’s and bachelor’s degrees that equip students with skills and knowledge that will help them thrive in a constantly developing working environment. The 5-week Paris Fashion Programs was created with the purpose to immerse students in the cultural heritage of the city that has brought inspiration to numerous artists, writers, and philosophers as well as some of the world’s most prominent fashion designers. The Paris destination also offers the opportunity for a part-time... See full description.

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About Study Abroad Programs in France

Thinking about coming to France to study? When it comes to international study abroad programs, few countries can boast the number of opportunities available in France. France is, and has always been a very popular study abroad destination, attracting nearly 20,000 students from around the world each year. The country is rich in history and culture, and offers international students a virtually endless number of enrichment opportunities. Academically, their educational system and faculty are consistently rated among the best in the world, and because more than 10 percent of the college population in France is made up of international students, you will never feel like an outsider. Below we will take a closer look at some of the study abroad options available in this amazing country.

If you’re thinking about studying in France there are a number of study abroad programs from which to choose. These include:

  • Academic programs for undergraduates. In France, there are a countless number of academic programs for undergraduates, in which students will study and live in the country for either a semester or full academic year. Some of the more popular fields of study in France are art, architecture, and history, but France also offers programs in fields such as journalism, liberal arts, mathematics and the social sciences.
  • Summer study abroad programs. If studying abroad for a semester or full academic year is not realistic at the moment, perhaps you could take advantage of one of the many summer study abroad programs offered in France. These summer programs, in fields of study such as French language acquisition, French culture and society, and art appreciation, can be the perfect summer respite for the overworked student.
  • High school programs. The high school study abroad programs in France offer secondary students a wonderful opportunity to learn the culture, traditions and language of France, all while earning valuable academic credits and bolstering their college resume. Students will attend a French high school, studying the appropriate college-preparatory subjects for their grade level, and will typically live with a host family, with whom they will explore all that France has to offer when they’re not in school. High school study abroad programs normally span either a semester or full academic year, but if this commitment is too lengthy, there are also a number of summer programs, including an intensive 4-week French language program for interested students.
  • Graduate programs. Graduate students wishing to study abroad in France have a number of unique opportunities available to them. Regardless of your course of study, whether it’s Art, History, Management, Marketing, Legal Justice, Architecture or something entirely different, you can be sure France has a program that’s right for you.
  • Language programs. If your sole focus is French language acquisition, you may want to check out the study abroad language programs in France. These full-immersion programs will help you learn the language quickly, as it is actually spoken, and will provide you with countless opportunities to practice what you’ve learned while living and studying in France.