Study Abroad Programs in Hong Kong

About Study Abroad Programs in Hong Kong

Both the number of study abroad programs in Hong Kong and the number of participating students have vastly increased within the past 20 years.  Part of the reason behind this growth is the convenience of taking courses in English.  

Most study abroad programs in Hong Kong include courses offered in a variety of ways:  short-term courses, internships, and research-related study.  Students can opt to study one semester, a year, or even longer.  Earning an advanced degree from one of the country’s universities is becoming more common for international students.    

Several universities in Hong Kong offer exchanges with American universities and with universities from a multitude of other countries.  As Hong Kong continues to claim dominance in our world economy, interest in studying abroad in Hong Kong is becoming even more popular.  Being situated at the southern end of mainland China, and within a four hour radius of several major Asian cities, accessibility to additional travel adds to the experience abroad.

International business, communication, language, and media are popular choices of study in Hong Kong.  Additional courses include the field of mathematics, sciences, humanities, and fine arts. There truly is some course of study for everyone.   

Accommodations for students include home-stays, university housing, and off-campus arrangements.  Housing in student halls is often a cheaper option.  You can secure housing in many ways.  Oftentimes, the university in your home country can help.  Several organizations in Hong Kong provide assistance.  The YMCA and Hong Kong Tourist Board Accommodation Search are two resources worth checking out in your quest for student housing.

Living off campus can be expensive, and in general the housing costs in Hong Kong are high.  Living further away from campus might be an option.  Reputable and reliable public transportation can help you get to campus.  Buses, trams, minibuses and even taxis are available.  You can also check out the Octopus card used for pre-paid travels in and around Hong Kong or the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) for fast, efficient and inexpensive travel.

Hong Kong’s universities are routinely featured in the QS World University Rankings. Four of these are ranked in the top 200 universities of the world with the University of Hong Kong routinely ranking in the top 20.  

Testimonials from alumni studying in Hong Kong describe their experiences as a great opportunity to see a mixture of ancient Chinese heritage and Western influence.  Skyscrapers and ancient temples, shopping malls and colonial buildings, class restaurants and national parks are seen throughout this city of over 5 million.  Interesting to note, over 60% of the country’s land is designated as national park land.  
These parks and the surrounding waterways around this main island add to the beauty of the country.  It is no surprise that hiking, cycling and rock climbing are leisure activities for college students.  Outlets for recreation, relaxation and exploration abound.

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