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Study Abroad Programs in Ireland

About Study Abroad Programs in Ireland

Studying abroad in Ireland offers a unique cultural experience.  The country abounds with warm, friendly people who will share their lengthy history over fish and chippers, lamb and delicious stews.  Add this to the green landscape, this emerald island once formed by a volcanic eruption is naturally a popular study abroad option for environmental studies. Technology studies are also high on the list.  Ireland has 25% of all the computers in Europe, they specialize in computer software exports, and house the European headquarters of IBM, Dell, Motorola and Google.  History is a strong choice for many international students studying in Ireland.  You can see a Viking fortress in Limerick or check out the archaeology and history exhibits of Dublin’s National Museum.  Don’t forget the Newgrange Neolithic Passage Tomb, a structure older than the Egyptian pyramids.  Other highly sought after studies include literature, communications, and Irish study.

Various high school, college and graduate options are available for international study abroad programs in Ireland.  These include semester, yearlong and oftentimes summer options.  Internships and language programs are abundant, primarily in the cities of Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick.

There are hundreds of international study abroad programs to choose from in Ireland.  Many of these programs are supervised and offered by United States universities and colleges.  These are arranged through some type of cooperative agreement between the two countries’ educational institutions.  As the world becomes more global, the number of international study abroad programs in Ireland will certainly increase.  Coupled with the fact that you can study in the English language, Ireland makes a highly attractive option for international study.

Another avenue to explore for international study abroad programs in Ireland is through various educational exchange agencies, which often offer abroad programs in a wide variety of countries at various schools in a given country, and provide some form of cultural excursions while studying abroad.