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Study Abroad Programs in Mexico

About Study Abroad Programs in Mexico

Everyone knows about the sunny beaches and spring break destinations in Mexico. However, not many are aware that this beautiful tropical country also boasts of some outstanding educational opportunities, especially for international students. With over 2,000 higher education institutes, Mexico is certainly one of the best study abroad destinations for international students in any discipline, especially for social sciences, ancient history and Spanish literature. One of the things that distinguish Mexico’s international study programs is the remarkably low teacher to student ratio. This directly translates to a focus on individual attention and more personalized approach towards teaching. Scores of foreign students come to this country to continue or complete their education.
With a rich history covering ancient civilizations like the Maya, the Aztec and the Zapotecs, Mexico’s study abroad programs in History, especially attract scores of students every year.
Mexico also plays a crucial role in the current global political and economic scenario, making it a terrific study abroad option for students looking to pursue economics or international political study.  Students interested in an in-depth understanding of Mexican culture and languages would love the experience of enrolling themselves into a Spanish language immersion course in a Mexican university.
Sunny Skies
For students from countries that are cold most of the year, or at least in winters, Mexico is like a tropical paradise. With sunny and warm weather throughout the year, wet and dry are the only two seasons in this country. A fall or winter semester in Mexico would be a perfectly wonderful opportunity for a study abroad program, to pack up some vitamin D.
It’s always Fun in Mexico
Mexico’s mild climate and stunning geography ensure that the overseas students in Mexico always have a lot of options, when it comes to things to do. Exotic beach destinations like Puerto Vallarta or Ixtapa, SCUBA diving in Cozumel or exploring the ancient ruins on the outskirts of the Mayan Riviera, there is something for everybody in Mexico. 
Mexico as a study abroad locale offers plenty of adventure as well as leisure activities to engage in when you’re not in class. International students can take a day-trip to the famous El Castillo pyramid or to the eerie sacrificial Temple-of-Skulls, located at Cichen Itza. Mexico can offer a cultural extravaganza like no other.  For the daring at hearts, climbing Piaccho del Diablo, also known as the Devil’s Peak, is likely to get their adrenaline rushing. It’s a 10,000 foot peak and not an amateur climb, to say the least. For those that love to gaze at the heavens, visiting the observatory at Mapimi Biosphere Reserve, amidst the tropical foliage and away from the city lights, would be on top of the ‘things-to-do’. It offers the most spectacular view of the star studded sky.
Money Matters
The overall cost of study abroad programs and degrees for international students is remarkable less than other places in the world. From college to university education and from regular courses to distance learning, most of them are within the easy reach of the aspirants. For research scholars, Mexico is an excellent place to finish one’s papers. Research work and higher education in this Central American nation are affordable and flexible to include people of all nationalities. Various scholarships are also available for deserving students.
No wonder then, that Mexico with its unique cultural and political history, attracts so many international students to continue or complete their education. Mexico’s distinguished universities provide top notch educational opportunities for those looking to study abroad, be it for a single semester or full degree programs.