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The University of the Arctic (UArctic)

Tromsø, Norway
The University of the Arctic is an international cooperative network, formed by universities, colleges and other organizations, who strive to promote education and research in the North. UArctic was established in 2011, endorsed by the Arctic Council. GoNorth is a UArctic program, offering students the opportunity to study at a university in the North, whilst experiencing life in the Circumpolar North. Study for exchange students is based around Circumpolar Studies, and is carried out in universities across Denmark (Greenland), Canada, United States, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and... See full description.
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About Study Abroad Programs in Norway

Every country has a unique education system in place- something that is typically theirs. It is for this experience that so many students across the world seek study abroad programs, international degrees and academic courses in countries other than their own. As far as global educational destinations go, Norway has one of the top educational systems in the world and one that is truly global in its approach. It is not surprising then that scores of students from different shores land up at this small European country to continue or complete their education.
Government initiatives
There are dozens of great educational institutes that are completely or partially sponsored; or managed by the government of Norway. The capital of Norway, Oslo, boasts of some of the top universities and educational institutions that offer programs for international students. According to the latest government data available, the number of such educational institutes is thirty eight. However, the total number of quality educational colleges in Norway is much higher- thanks to the government’s initiative of attracting and encouraging private investment in the educational sector.
Often international students can enroll into different courses at a university and a college simultaneously. Infact international education opportunities in the country are ample for hard working and dedicated students.
International students looking to move to Norway and start or complete a graduation course will have to join one of the many reputed universities here. The choice of subjects and courses available for international students, normally determines the choice of university. Also, since the quality of students is of utmost importance to Norwegian Universities, the educational background of the candidates is usually taken into consideration prior to admission. International students can also pursue post-graduation studies in Norway. The universities provide ample scope for research and higher education in different fields like science and arts. Proper training for these research courses are also provided. Also international research programs are also available, both for foreigners and citizens of Norway.
Highly Affordable, Globally Recognized Programs for International Students 

Arguably the best part about studying in Norway is that it won't cost you a dime in tuition fees, regardless of whether you are a Norwegian or an international student. This leaves only living expenses to be taken care of. But even for that, there are a plethora of scholarships offered by several institutions that are keen to attract foreign students. The cost of living is remarkably affordable, and you might have to spend about 2,000 to 2,500 Norwegian Kroner every month. Even if you were to opt for an institution that charges tuition fees (such as private institutions and specialized courses), you can expect the fees to be within the range of 300 to 600 Kroners a semester. Students from across the world enjoy the brilliant living conditions and the hospitable environment created by warm-hearted local people.
Norway offers top quality education and the degrees awarded at the country's institutions of higher education enjoy a worldwide acceptance by employers.  In other words, having successfully completed higher education in Norway, students can hope to get a job anywhere in the world. College programs spanning 1-4 years offer profession-oriented education in fields such as journalism, library science, economics, administration, health services, social work, engineering and teaching.

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