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EIE Institute of Education

San Gwann, Malta
EIE Institute of Education is located in Malta, and it serves as a government licensed institute of further and higher education. The variety of programs the institute offers are available both in the head center in Malta, and in their satellite centers based in the Czech Republic, Republic of Georgia, Malaysia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Cyprus. The EIE Institute of Education is a member of the eie Group (, an international educational group of companies. A number of flexible learning opportunities are provided through the institute in the fields of Business &... See full description.

Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Malta by City:

PietaSan Gwann

About Career Colleges and Vocational Schools in Malta

The career colleges and the vocational training schools in the tiny South European country of Malta or the Republic of Malta is controlled and administered by Vocational Education and Training (VET) that was launched in the mid nineties. After that, a number of Vocational Schools in Malta like Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) were developed over the years under the National Minimum Curriculum. At present all these institutions act as successors to the various trade schools, besides playing an important role in the development of the Malta Professional and Vocational Qualifications Awards Council (MPVQAC).

The Managing Bodies for Vocational Training in Malta: Facts and Figures

The structure of CVT in Malta is a uniform national system of education where almost all the CVTs function under the public sector.

The Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) provides various apprenticeship schemes run by various vocational education centers in Malta, and also oversees the employment of apprentices in the local industries. MCAST, which is the principle ET provider of Malta, delivers training in various subjects relating to art & designing, business and business related issues, construction related courses, electronics and telecommunication and so on.

The Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) takes care of the vocational training in Malta related to hospitality industry and catering. The Department of Further Studies and Adult Education (DFSAE) provides the students a large variety of part-time curriculums in association with local councils. The two major unions present in Malta - General Workers’ Union (GWU) & Union of United Workers (Union Haddiema Maghqudin-UHM) maintain their respective training foundations that the general public can avail.

The Ministry of Education of Malta sponsors all the vocational education in Malta. As per the data available, in the year 2007, the government spent  €9,841,602 for MCAST, €1,274,167 for ITS plus,  €2,916,375 for ETC apart from another €2,096,436 for the training curriculums in vocational schools Malta and €465,874 apiece for the Technician Apprentice Scheme (TAS)  & the Extended Skills Training Scheme (ESTS). The ESTS as well as the TAS are overseen by different organizations that sponsor the industry sector. The first year of the apprenticeship is sponsored by the government, while in the second year the employer has to pay 40 percent of the fee, 60 percent in the third and the entire amount in the fourth.

Till date, the government of Malta has invested in excess of €2.3 million in these collaboration projects besides the European Social Fund (ESF), which is plays a pivotal role in assisting the adult achieve the desired vocational training in Malta.
The Structure

The vocational education in Malta is mainly designed for those who leave the general education at the age of 14 or 15 and get into the “Trade Schools”. In Malta, there are three categories of Trade Schools:
  • The schools which provide a full time curriculum that covers the generic education as well as a basic training of technology to the students of the age group 14 and 16
  • One year consolidated training program that covers foundational courses in technical as well as general education
  • A one to three year curriculum on a particular vocation
At present, the vocational education in Malta and the vocational training in Malta system comprises of a number of schemes of apprenticeships:
  • Technical Apprenticeship Scheme (TAS)
  • Extended Skills Training Scheme (ESTS)
  • Nautical School Trainees Allowance Scheme (NSTAS)
  • Institute of Tourism Studies Allowance Scheme (ITSAS)

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