Language Immersion Courses in Gijón, Spain

Business Language Centre

Gijón, Spain
Business Language Center is a language center established in 1992 in Gijón, Spain. It teaches adults and professional exclusively, following the aim to satisfy their needs and requirements in the shortest possible time. The Business Language Center provides professional instruction in Spanish, English and German, following various programs such as Spanish, Spanish for Work, Intensive Business Week, etc. The facilities of the school are modern, all teaching materials are up to date, whilst the environment is highly motivating.

Planet Idiomas

Gijon, Spain
Planet Idiomas is a language center, which was founded in Gijon in 2002. It provides a variety of linguistic services, whilst striving to apply the most modern and innovative methods in a welcoming atmosphere. The mission of the center is to unveil the beauty of language, making learning easy and accessible. Languages taught are English, German, French, as well as Spanish. All programs are highly customized and always designed according to the clients’ needs. There are courses for children (starting at one years of age), adults, and companies. For the children’s courses, there is full... See full description.