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Vienna, Austria
The general German courses (A1 – C2) concentrate on improving every aspect of your German. In your class, you will work on speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Our aim is to improve your accuracy and fluency, with an emphasis on effective communication. The Business German classes concentrate on improving your German at the workplace, a great asset to you for your work experience.

Exadan linguistics TM & BE OG

Exadan linguistics specialises in creating the environment best for you. We use the best teaching methods for each individual and group. It´s our goal to help you achieve your language goal and for that, we strive to the limit with an innovative learning concept.

German in Austria, University of Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt, Austria
The University of Klagenfurt is a university offering German Language education. It is located in Klagenfurt, Southern Austria, where the standard German language is spoken. They specialize on the four basic skills involved in learning languages which are listening, speaking, reading and writing with the course levels offered in the Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching (A1 – C2) system. German courses are taught at several stages such as: Intensive, Semester, Individual, Business, School Classes and online training. Some other languages are taught... See full description.

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About Language Immersion Courses in Austria

Students seeking to learn German through a language immersion program often assume that their only option for foreign study is in Germany – all too often, they overlook the possibility of studying the German language in other countries such as Switzerland and Austria. Austria, with its rich history, distinct culture, and many exciting cities, is an especially good choice. Many of its cities, such as Salzburg and Vienna, have existed since the days of the Roman Empire, and the country itself was unified long before Germany. For those seeking an immersion experience in the German language, Austria is an excellent choice.

When selecting an immersion program or language course in Austria, perhaps the most important consideration is location. The majority of German-language immersion programs are concentrated in Austria’s cities, although there are many rural programs as well. Programs outside of the cities are likely to be found in the north of the country, near the German and Swiss borders. The German language has a longer history in these regions than in southern and eastern Austria.

There are two main cities in Austria where language immersion programs can be found: Salzburg and Vienna. It is difficult to compare the two cities, since they are vastly different. Vienna is one of Europe’s main centers of culture and history – here you can find art galleries, concerts of all kinds, and a huge range of historic buildings with interesting architecture. Vienna is also much larger than Salzburg, so it has more to offer if you plan an extended stay. Salzburg is usually described as cozier than Vienna, with fewer attractions but more warmth and depth. Salzburg has many old streets to wander and is less frequented by tourists. If you want a quieter study atmosphere where you can focus on language without being inundated with sights and sounds, Salzburg is the better option. Both cities are large enough to have plenty of transportation in and out, so traveling elsewhere in Austria or Europe is easy enough no matter which city you choose.
Another good reason to study German in Austria as opposed to elsewhere is that the country’s central location makes it an excellent base for exploring the rest of Europe. Short train rides will take you not only to Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, and the Czech Republic, but also to the less-traveled destinations of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Greece.
Like most countries, Austria also has language programs aimed at non-traditional students such as working adults. While the majority of language courses will be oriented toward high school, college, and graduate students, there are also classes for expatriates and foreign volunteers who want to learn German as a second language during their stay in Austria.