Language Immersion Courses in Bolivia

ABC Spanish Tuition

La Paz, Bolivia
Study Spanish in La Paz Bolivia and learn very quickly with intensive lessons and Family Homestay with the teacher's family. Classes will take place in his house and there is no need to go the school.

Ayni Spanish Institute

La Paz, Bolivia
Ayni Spanish Institute is a Spanish language school in Bolivia, offering various Spanish language opportunities for foreign learners. The options available include intensive Spanish, super intensive classes, conversation and listening, D.E.L.E. exam preparation, grammar classes, as well virtual Spanish classes. All these are organized into six proficiency levels to ensure each student’s needs are met.

Bolivian Spanish School

Sucre, Bolivia
The Bolivian Spanish School introduces students to the customs, traditions, and lifestyles of Bolivia through the Spanish language. The Spanish language skills and cultural knowledge that you acquire will make your stay in Sucre more enjoyable and enrich your travels in South America. We offer regular study programs for 20 hours a week, intensive programs for 30 hours a week, or students can customize a program that works for them. We offer reasonable rates for both private and group classes. All of our teachers are qualified professionals. We can help with accomodation, either... See full description.

Escuela Carmen Vega

Cochabamba, Bolivia
Carmen Vega and Jaques Chenal together with their other teachers offer Spanish courses that are private and personalized or for groups as well, with an emphasis on dialogue, communication and grammar. We are a school that is: - Professional, with many years of experience in teaching Spanish to foreigners, - With a modern, creative and interactive method, - Providing an introduction to Andean culture both theoretical and experiential, - In a family environment that helps students of all ages and nationalities feel at home. We also offer: lodging in families, voluntary work,... See full description.

Language Immersion Courses in Bolivia by City:

CochabambaLa PazSucre

About Language Immersion Courses in Bolivia

Bolivia is considered to be one of the most adventurous and pristine tourist destinations in South America. Spanish is the primary language spoken, locally and officially, in Bolivia. With little focus on a second language throughout the education system in Bolivia, learning Spanish becomes imperative for anyone visiting the country, whether on business or pleasure. The natives speak Spanish in a slow and clear manner which is easy to understand even to a person who is still learning or has just learnt the language. This makes learning Spanish in Bolivia, even at a basic level, a great asset to the visitors allowing them to better experience the culture and tradition of the local populace. Schools teaching Spanish language in the country offer just that...soaking in the culture while learning.
Apart from Spanish, there are at least thirty other indigenous languages with some of the more popular ones being Quechua, Aymara and Tupi Guarani. The government has declared Spanish and these thirty languages as the official languages of Bolivia. Some of these languages are now to be practiced in schools. Even government officials are expected to learn and use, at least two of these languages.
The experience of learning Spanish in Bolivia may vary from person to person. For some it may be the best destination to study Spanish language while for others, not so. It is similar to how one language learning program may be the best for one person but not so suitable for someone else.
However, there are many schools to study Spanish in Bolivia and many people visit the country specially to learn Spanish language. The various schools and centers offer a wide array of general and customized courses to those interested in learning Spanish language. All the schools offering Spanish studies in Bolivia have their own programs and offer courses to study Spanish language at different knowledge levels; from conversational to proficient. Some schools even offer crash courses in Spanish language specially designed for tourists.
Most language immersion programs in Bolivia accept students throughout the year. Many schools offering studies in Spanish language may also offer accommodation to their students. For instance, some schools offer the student a stay as guest with a local family and in this way completely immerse oneself in the culture of the country. The person may also choose from more formal options including apartments or student residences.
Teachers hired at these schools are usually natives, well trained and have university level of education. They offer services at competitive prices and flexible schedules. They usually also speak English or a second foreign language. Classes are generally held during the weekdays. The schools provide a lot of material to take help from, while learning Spanish language. Furthermore, many of the schools also have branch offices or collaborations with language teaching schools in many other countries. This allows many students to even continue their courses from their home countries, once they return from Bolivia.

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