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About Language Immersion Courses in Colombia

Colombia has as many as 72 regional languages and dialects, spoken by different ethnic groups of the country. However, the official language in Colombia is Spanish and the version spoken in Colombia is Colombian Spanish. Naturally, it is always beneficial to study Spanish in Colombia if you plan to stay there long, in order to get accustomed to the local culture, rituals, etiquettes and traditions. Learning Spanish in Columbia will also help in interacting effectively with the locals. This applies for students looking to pursue degrees from Columbia, but the same is also true for professionals who visit and stay back in the country for work reasons. Moreover, Columbians are one of the friendliest people in the world, and learning Spanish will help you share their energy and charisma.


Learning Spanish is a good idea for anyone interested in picking up a foreign language, as it is the second most widely spoken language for international communication. Spanish is the official language of 21 countries and has 350 million native speakers world-wide, which is a higher number than English native speakers. Spanish is important in the current scenario of business, science and technology. With the economic growth of Latin America and other Spanish speaking nations, along with the rich cultural diversity in arts, music and literature of these countries, learning Spanish is almost essential for a world-traveler.


When you choose to study Spanish in Columbia, you choose to experience the country’s long tradition of quality education and excellent teachers. Spanish teachers in Columbia help students learn faster by teaching through examples and clear explanations.

Joining a Spanish immersion course in Columbia for students of literature and law is especially helpful as both these disciplines have intimate links with the Spanish language.

It is also important to know that learning Spanish is done best in Columbia, not only because it is the first language there, but also because it is believed that Columbians speak the best Spanish in the world. Columbian Spanish is clearer than that of other Spanish speaking countries; and it is in a somewhat neutral accent. The Spanish spoken in Columbia is considered to be clear and easy for foreigners to learn and understand. Columbian Spanish is eloquent and elegant, without much slang. Parents pay particular attention to the kind of Spanish their children speak.

Learning Spanish is quite easy in Colombia since there are a number of institutions and organizations, which offer Spanish courses for various requirements. Many of these organizations offer immersion Spanish courses for students, professionals as well as families. Some of them even run various specialized Spanish courses in business, medicine, and so on. The teachers who conduct these courses possess accredited degrees in teaching.

To study Spanish language in Colombia, a foreign student or professional can also enroll into a one-to-one Spanish coaching class. These courses are extremely flexible, and the trainee is often provided accommodation in hotels or homes. Almost all of these courses have separate family modules and a lot of practical activities such as surfing, Ecotourism. Fishing, trips to various places of interest are conducted alongside the main course and these make the Spanish courses in Columbia interesting and fun. The one-on-one courses are particularly effective for learning Spanish as they let you be in the company of the teachers during various social activities like travelling, conducting business related activities, meeting different people, using the telephone, participating in an effective conversation, and so on.

So study Spanish in Columbia for connecting with the locals, or for availing job benefits in the USA and other countries with a significant Spanish population, or just for the joy of reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez in the original.

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