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University of West Bohemia in Pilsen - Czech Republic

Pilsen, Czech Republic
The University of West Bohemia (UWB) is the only public institution of higher education located in the Pilsen region of Czechoslovakia. The University currently has nine faculties with more than 60 departments and two institutes of higher learning. Nearly 15,000 students can choose from a wide range of bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs, and can pursue these programs via the traditional classroom model or through distance education courses offered online. More about the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen The educational activities provided through the... See full description.

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About Language Immersion Courses in Czech Republic

The process of acquiring a new language is not always an easy one, but studies show it can be significantly aided when studying in a program offering a full immersion experience.  This not only makes language learning much faster, but more effective and enjoyable as well.  Studying Czech in the Czech Republic is the most expedient method for mastering this fascinating language, and in the end, it will not only provide a great deal of personal satisfaction, but in some cases, economic opportunity, too.  It also allows you to experience a whole new culture firsthand, to learn its customs, traditions and history, and to make lasting new friendships you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
About the Language Schools in the Czech Republic
The majority of language schools in the Czech Republic concentrate on teaching the Czech language to visitors and new residents, although a few specialize in some of the more widespread international languages, particularly English.
Studying Czech in the Czech Republic is a true full-immersion experience.  Students receive instruction from a native Czech language specialist, one trained by the university to provide high-quality instruction using an assortment of teaching modalities.  Participants have an array of choices with regard to their accommodations—student housing, apartment, host family, etc.—along with many opportunities outside the classroom for activities leading to personal enrichment and enjoyment.  Everything about the experience is uniquely Czech, exposing students to the Czech language at every turn, and ultimately accelerating the learning experience exponentially.
Things to Do and See in the Czech Republic
While the potential for new language learning can be found throughout the Czech Republic, the highest concentration of Czech language schools is in the country’s largest and capital city, Prague.  Prague is considered among the crown jewels of European capitals, a resilient city referred to by many as “Golden Prague” or the “City of 100 Spires.”  Although the city— and country—fell on hard times during the Communist Era, it has now been transformed and rejuvenated and has become a must-see city for tourists and visitors.
The Charles Bridge in Prague, a pedestrian throughway connecting Old Town to the Mala Strana, features an array of Baroque-style columns, and is a popular haunt for local artists and street vendors.  Visitors to the Charles Bridge will quickly understand why it’s such a popular spot for locals and will be treated to an inimitable Czech people-watching experience.
Students who appreciate history, particularly European history, will thoroughly enjoy a visit to the Prague Castle, the oldest and most coherent castle in the world featuring the beautiful Saint Vitus Cathedral, along with several museums, galleries and towers.
And finally, when you need a break from all the wonderful sightseeing opportunities, hop on over to Wenceslas Square, formerly the site of anti-communist uprisings, and now home to scores of quaint little shops and dining facilities, each serving the very finest in local and international cuisine.
Learning any new language can be a special experience, but learning Czech in the Czech Republic, while simultaneously bearing witness to all the history and culture that comprise this proud country, is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you’ll never forget.

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