Language Immersion Courses in Denmark

About Language Immersion Courses in Denmark

Danish is the national and the official language of Denmark and is spoken by more than six million Danes around the world. In addition to Danish, other languages like German, Farose and Greenlandic are also spoken by a minority of people in Denmark. However, for most Danes, English is their second language of communication and unlike the French, Danes are quite happy to communicate in English with foreigners. In fact, they feel pleasantly surprised, when some outsider speaks to them in Danish language.
Though learning Danish is not very easy, as it has some difficult pronunciations, Denmark has a number of Language Schools offering Danish language learning courses. Also, for people with good English language skills, learning Danish is comparatively easier, since the grammar of both languages is very similar.
Most Language Immersion Programs, including Danish studies, have their origins in the French Immersion courses of Canada of the 1960s. Language Immersion in Denmark is the method of teaching Danish by making it the medium of instruction for other courses in a program. A Danish language immersion course is much more demanding as compared to a traditional Danish learning course, since it requires the participants to study various other courses in Danish, also interact with each other in Danish.
There are three main Danish Language Immersion Courses offered by Language schools in Denmark; Total Immersion, Partial immersion and Dual Immersion Programs.
Total Immersion Programs in Denmark
In a total immersion program in Denmark, most of the class time is spent in learning various subjects in Danish. The goal of a total immersion course is to make the participant functionally proficient in Danish. A total immersion course can be taken at two levels – short term course and a full term course. Danish studies in these courses can be pursued even during vacations and are cleared upon the successful completion of a final examination.
Partial Immersion Programs in Denmark
Partial immersion method requires learning in Danish only half the time of the course duration, and it is more concerned with acquiring a basic working knowledge of Danish language and culture. The duration and types of courses remain the same as total immersion program.
Dual Immersion
Dual immersion programs in Denmark, also known as two-way immersion programs, require participation of speakers of both languages and aims at making participants bilingual and proficient in both languages. It is necessary to have both, native and non-native participants, for the success of such a program, and hence such courses are comparatively fewer in number.
All of these courses are available from beginners’ level to advanced level and are delivered through various delivery modes like day courses, residential courses and distance learning mode.
Moreover, every year, thousands of students from across the world come to Denmark and enrol in the Danish language schools, not only to learn Danish but also to have a whiff of the Danish culture, history, customs and the way of life. Every summer, a lot of language institutes offer intensive courses, imbibing various language learning methods, for different levels of workshops, lectures and tours.

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