Language Immersion Courses in Honduras

Central America Spanish School

La Ceiba, Honduras
Central America Spanish School is a Spanish training center in Honduras. It offers Spanish language immersion programs and homestay opportunities with local families. The school has been in operation for eleven years, and has developed three satellite campus locations: the main Spanish School in La Ceiba, one Spanish School in Utila, and one Spanish School in Roatan on the Bay Islands. The school is a well-known Spanish language learning destination among business and medical professionals, missionaries, engineers, and research scientists, who are looking for a quick and effective way to... See full description.

Honduras Spanish School

La Ceiba
HOSS is a Spanish language school located in the north coast of Honduras on the Caribbean Sea. Spanish is taught on a one on one basis, 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day from Monday through Friday. Host family stay is offered in a private room and bathroom and 3 meals per day are provided. WiFi service at host families and school. Lots of extracurricular activities.

Language Immersion Courses in Honduras by City:

La Ceiba

About Language Immersion Courses in Honduras

It’s a really good idea to study Spanish in Honduras, a Spanish-speaking country, where one can speak to the people and learn Spanish faster and better. Apart from learning to converse in Spanish with the locals, there are several Spanish language schools in Honduras, where the language is taught by experienced and skilled teachers that offer you the best teaching standards in a friendly way.

Honduras’ official language is Spanish. It is mainly and extensively spoken language here, though Garifuna, Miskito and English are also spoken by the local people.

If one is holidaying here, one needn’t worry about learning Spanish because the professionals of the hospitality industry like hotels and restaurants and tour operators know English well enough. However, if you’re coming to live in Honduras, it would help to know the language certainly before arriving here. After all, in one’s day to day interactions, it would help to know the local language.

To study Spanish language either at conversational level or technical helps people converse in any of the world’s 19 Spanish speaking countries. In Honduras, however, for businessmen and students, it would help to know Spanish to get their meaning across. Also, it brings clarity to a conversation, and you can get the best flavor of the country and its culture by interacting with its people in their language.

To enter Honduras for Spanish studies, students must bring along a valid passport and visa, of which the passport must be of six months’ validity. If students bring their spouses and family along, their passports and visas would also be needed.
There are six levels of Spanish learning ranging from Basic, Upper Basic, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced and Upper Advanced. Students usually begin by learning words, phrases and grammar, and as they finish the course, they can even use Spanish idioms aptly and fluently. Students can learn Spanish in Honduras by means of Spanish schools, Spanish courses or Spanish immersion courses. Certain universities also conduct Spanish study courses.

Here, courses in Spanish are given in a one-on-one format, where the students greatly benefit by a teacher’s undivided attention. Students are continually assessed and these Spanish schools in Honduras offer customized courses in Spanish, depending on the student’s purpose for learning the language.  For instance, there are courses for basic Spanish, conversational Spanish, academic Spanish and business Spanish.

Spanish classes in Honduras often involve a few hours of study per week, and also include excursions and trips to give students a better feel of the local history and culture. Individual Spanish classes are possible, but these are more expensive than a group class. Students can opt to do a six-week course either individualized or as part of a group. The former costs about $120 on average and a group course would be slightly cheaper. Learning Spanish in Honduras includes courses in social and cultural programs, where students can interact with others in a completely Spanish-speaking ambience.

To explain the different ways of learning Spanish in Honduras, here is a quick recap:

Spanish schools: Institutes that conduct various courses and programs in Spanish.

Spanish classes: Classes where Spanish is taught.

Spanish immersion: Learning Spanish by staying with a local family and experiencing Honduran life. The students immerse themselves in the local way of life, or if he prefers he could also stay in a hostel. These schools charge about $5 per hour. Students can also opt to volunteer for the community.

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