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Ramat Yishay, Israel
Learn Hebrew and live in your teacher's home. Spend two weeks in a Hebrew-speaking environment at the teacher's home, totally immersed in the Hebrew language. Location:Ramat Yishay near Haifa. 20 hours per week learning intensive Hebrew course in a small group (1-6), private or shared room, Israeli breakfast. Any level welcome. (beginners to advanced). All year.

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Ramat Yishay

About Language Immersion Courses in Israel

Hebrew Studies are currently gaining considerable impetus. The growing popularity of students looking to learn Hebrew can be attributed to the current economical and cultural trends.  Israel, where Hebrew literature originates from, is one of the world’s fastest-growing high-tech economies. Furthermore, Hebrew Studies also present a better understanding of certain Biblical texts. Although, several Universities in the west offer immersion courses in the language and online courses like the Ulpan-Or enable students to study Hebrew from the comfort of their homes; but they can hardly compete with the experience of studying the Hebrew language and culture in Israel.

As is the case with learning any language, learning Hebrew is easiest in a country where people actually converse in it. There is no better place than Israel to learn and study Hebrew, since it is the official language of the State.

Hebrew Studies in Israel

Unlike the course available in the west, Israel offers many short duration study courses in Hebrew. These courses often include living with Israelis, and interacting with locals on a daily basis. Consequently, studying Hebrew in Israel is more of a fun learning experience than the usual classroom dealing. Hebrew study programs in Israel are offered through institutes or schools for the intensive study of Hebrew. Such an institute is called an Ulpan (Hebrew: אולפן).

Hebrew Study Programs

Intensive Hebrew Summer Ulpan

This program allows candidates to participate in Ulpan at Kibbutz (Hebrew: קיבוץ, קִבּוּץ) during a convenient summer break. Kibbutz is a settlement in modern Israel. Candidates between 18 to28 years can learn Hebrew while also experiencing kibbutz life. The program is taught through seven weeks from late July to September. It offers intensive study on six levels, Aleph to Vav (Beginner to Upper-Advanced). Other levels are offered through semester-long courses.

Intensive Hebrew Winter Ulpan

This program offers intensive study for Aleph to Dalet levels (Beginners to Lower-Advanced). Intensive study on the levels Heh and Vav (Advanced and Upper-Advanced) is offered only if enough students register. This program is taught through four weeks from mid-January to mid-February. In addition to textbook learning, video sessions and work in the language laboratory, students learn by visiting historical sites. Those, participating in the Winter Ulpan, can continue to study for the spring semester at Universities, like the University of Haifa. The program is open to all students above 18 years.

Semester Ulpan

Coaching is offered here for beginners having no knowledge of Hebrew to those at advance levels. The program strengthens skills like writing, reading, speaking and comprehension. This part-time Hebrew study program is offered from October to January and February to June. The program is open to all above 18 years wanting to improve their language skills.

Kibbutz Ulpan

This is a 5-month work and study program for the youth between 18 to 28 years. Students learn conversational Hebrew and experience working at a kibbutz. Masa scholarship grants are available for those wanting to pursue this program. Kibbutz Ulpan is a great option for those looking at taking a gap-year before college or some time off from employment.

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