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Russian Language School - Baltic International Academy

Riga, Latvia
The Russian Language School at the Baltic International Academy was established with the purpose to teach the Russian language to non-native speakers. It specializes in the programs of General Russian, Intensive Russian, Business Russian, and Combined Russian, which are all led by highly qualified professors. Moreover, students are given the opportunity to pass an ECL exam - European Certificate of Attainment in Modern languages. The school is located in Riga, Latvia, only a few minutes away from the city center. It is part of the Baltic International Academy – the largest... See full description.

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About Language Immersion Courses in Latvia

Latvian is the official language of Latvia. Livonian is another language in Latvia, which is almost extinct, but is protected by law.  As Latvia was under Soviet rule, all Latvians who started their education at that period can understand Russian. English is the most widely used foreign language in business and tourism arenas.
Latvian is spoken by around 1.4 million people in Latvia. Apart from native speakers, around 700,000 Latvian speakers reside in other countries, such as USA, the UK, Ethiopia, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ukraine and Lithuania. The Latvian language is closely related to Lithuanian.

Why Learn Latvian

Learning Latvian is crucial for students, who want to pursue higher education in Latvia. Students who get a chance to study in Latvia can enjoy the beautiful landscape of the nation, which comprises of rivers, lakes and rolling hills. Study Latvian can help students truly experience the rich cultural and intellectual atmosphere of the country. Latvian has a system of intonations, which are not found in many other Indo European languages. Attaining fluency in Latvian can offer research students an opportunity to gain an insight into Latvian life, and the current issues faced by the country.

Learning Latvian in Latvia is also important for professionals working in the country. Fluency in the language is expected in various careers and professions. Business people who want to extend their market to Latvia can get plenty of benefits by learning the language.

Latvia is a multi ethnic country, boasting of rich educational and cultural traditions. It has many tourist attractions, which include beautiful national parks and historical heritage remains. Those who want to visit Latvia would gain an advantage by learning some Latvian. Latvian is a beautiful language that many students enjoy learning.

Latvian Courses and Classes

Latvian courses are offered by many language schools in Latvia. Latvian is offered as an intensive course for foreign students, who want to complete a master’s degree or doctoral degree in Latvia. The course helps students understand the structure of the language and get reading as well as conversational practice. They aim to equip students for completing their higher education in the country successfully.

Online Latvian courses are also available, which are useful for tourists and business people. They can learn to speak, read and write Latvian with confidence. The basic course is ideal for beginners who want to study Latvian in a short period of time. The course helps them learn the language through real life situations, which make it easy for learning grammar and vocabulary.

Latvian immersion programs are offered by some institutions, which help individuals to acquire Latvian skills quickly. Those who complete these courses can speak the language fluently. The courses cover topics like grammar exercises, vocabulary lessons, pronunciation practice and interactive stories.

Learning Latvian is easy, regardless of whether the individuals want to learn it for business, travel, school or just fun. There are courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced levels. Hence, choosing the course that matches with their language skills is easy as well as essential.