Language Immersion Courses in Monaco

About Language Immersion Courses in Monaco

The Principality of Monaco, a tiny independent country located on the Mediterrannean coast of France, is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Home to a population of only about 30,000, the entire country is comprised of little more than a single small city overlooking the coast. With its sparkling ocean vistas, warm weather, and famed hospitality, it is easy to see why so many thousands of visitors flock to the area for vacations, for business, and to study. Monaco is home to a significant foreign-born population, primarily immigrants from other countries who come here to set up businesses in a tax-free environment, and so there are many language schools in existence that cater to their desire to learn the local language.

The official language of Monaco is French, so the majority of language schools and language immersion courses in Monaco will be in that language. Italian and English are also widely spoken, but not as widely taught. The vast majority of language students who come to Monaco do so seeking to learn French.

However, unbeknownst to many outsiders, French is not actually the original language of Monaco. Although it is spoken by nearly everyone you meet and is the language of business and commerce, it actually is replacing a much older language called Ligurian, which was once spoken all along the coastlines of southern France and northern Italy. The local dialiect of Ligurian in Monaco is called Manégasque. A romance language somewhat more similar to Italian than to French, Manégasque is of great interest to linguistic historians who want to trace the evolution of Europe’s linguistic heritage over time. Thus, many people come to Monaco for language courses in Ligurian rather than French.

To students looking for a way to learn French via an immersion experience, Monaco offers many advantages. Its location on the Mediterranean makes it an ideal base for further explorations of Europe and North Africa, and its beautiful scenery and many parks make wandering, thinking, and chatting with locals an especially pleasant experience. Due to the large numbers of foreigners in Monaco, many people can also speak English, so it is a possibility for beginners who want to do an immersion course but do not feel ready to conduct their day-to-day business entirely in a foreign language. If you want to learn French in an atmosphere that is relaxed, calm, and idyllic, then there is no destination in the world better than Monaco.

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