Language Immersion Courses in Norway

About Language Immersion Courses in Norway

There are several language schools and language immersion courses in Norway to choose from. Norwegian, a Germanic language, is said to have a sing-song intonation. Whether in doing business or while socializing, knowledge of the Norwegian language is likely to prove extremely useful to visitors to the country.
All pupils enrolling into upper secondary education in Norway are expected to acquire a working knowledge of Norwegian; these include immigrants.
Mandatory Language Immersion Courses for Immigrants in Norway
Effective from September 2005, immigrants have been given the right and obligation to avail of 300 lessons from language schools in Norway; these would comprise 250 lessons in the Norwegian language and 50 lessons about Norwegian culture.
Failing to complete these 300 lessons can lead to them not being given a permanent permit to stay in the country, while also ruling out any chances of a Norwegian citizenship. Those who express a need for more lessons can take up to 2,700 additional lessons. Municipalities have been given the responsibility of providing these language courses in Norway.
Government Sponsored Language Immersion Courses in Norway
The Ministry of Labor and Social Exclusion is responsible for overseeing courses for adults in Norwegian as a second language, and courses imparting knowledge about the Norwegian society.
The Norwegian Government sponsors a language scheme for foreign residents employed by a local Norwegian company, and those with a residence permit with validity in excess of 3 months.
Vox, the Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning also provides a lengthy list of materials to help immigrants in learning Norwegian. Vox has also devised a search tool to help locate learning material from publishing houses that are privately owned. Migranorsk, a product of the publishing house Fagforlaget, is an example of an online Norwegian course.
According to statistics available, as many as 22,823 participants in 2007-08 availed such language courses in Norway, with 60 percent of the participants having a right and obligation to attend. These comprised refugees, persons with residence on humanitarian grounds, collective protection, or those on a family immigration permit with these groups.
University Level Language Schools and Language Immersion Courses in Norway
Some universities also conduct language courses for foreign students in Norway. For instance, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) conducts intensive Norwegian courses, devised keeping exchange students in mind, every summer.
Non-University Level Language Schools and Language Immersion Courses in Norway
There are also non-university level language classes in Norway for foreigners and visitors that offer a wide range of language courses. These include immersion courses and are imparted by personal tutors working with clients on a one-to-one basis, as well as teaching small groups. Some private institutes also provide language courses in classrooms, clients’ premises and/ or by distance learning methods.
There are a large number of language courses in Norway, ranging from beginners to advanced levels. These are said to be specially devised for use by students of all nationalities. These language courses are promoted as being particularly suitable for those who intend either to conduct employment or study in Norway, and are searching for a quick-fire language immersion course. Such courses are typically 2 weeks long in length and are devised in one-to-one formats.

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