Language Immersion Courses in Panama

El Paraiso Spanish School, Panama

Isla Colon, Panama
El Paraiso Spanish School in Panama is based in Bocas del Toro. This is the Panamanian province, located closest to Costa Rica and is known for its rain forests, the abundance of fauna and flora, islands and beaches. The courses offered in Panama are General Spanish, Spanish and Adventure, Spanish and Surf, Spanish and Scuba Dive, and Spanish and Volunteer.

Habla Ya Spanish School

HablaYa Spanish School was established in 2005, in Panama City, Central America. It is proudly the premier Spanish language teaching school in Panama, having two campuses located in Bouquet and Bocas del Toro. The school is an accredited D.E.L.E Examination center. Courses taught by the institution involve: Group 4 Course, private Spanish courses, Basic Travelers Spanish Crash Course, D.E.L.E Exam preparation course, personalized Spanish courses & online courses. Accommodation options include homestays, hostel, hotels, vacation rentals and apartments, etc. Students enjoy various... See full description.

Language Immersion Courses in Panama by City:

BoqueteIsla Colon

About Language Immersion Courses in Panama

Have you always wanted to learn the Spanish language, to speak it and understand it as the language is actually spoken by native speakers?  Have you tried a number of methods in the past to learn the Spanish language, methods which yielded little to no results?  If so, you may be a perfect candidate for a full-immersion language program in Panama—where Spanish is the first language of the majority of people.  Language schools and language courses in Panama are an ideal way to learn a new language, and according to experts, a full-immersion experience is the only way to master it.  To illustrate what Panama has to offer, below we will briefly describe the type of language-learning experience you can expect while studying in Panama and outline some of the wonderful things to do and see while visiting this proud and majestic country.
Full-Immersion Language Learning in Panama
Studying the Spanish language through full immersion in Panama offers many advantages.  As you might expect, the class sizes are typically very small in these programs, with 10-15 students per session, affording you plenty of opportunities for one-to-one interaction with your instructor.  These instructors are not only native Spanish speakers, but genuine language specialists who’ve been rigorously trained in imparting valuable language skills to their students.  They do this by using a variety of teaching modalities, including small group discussions, visual aids and conversational sessions with other native speakers: adults and other students who will provide instant and invaluable feedback as you interact with them.  Classes are generally held in the morning, leaving you the entire afternoon and evening to explore the host country—its sights and attractions—and practice your new language skills with its citizens.  Accommodations vary for these 4-8 week Spanish language programs, and may include living in resident halls, sharing an apartment or flat with other students, or staying with a host family—one that generously donates their home and their time in support of the program, giving you round-the-clock access to true native speakers whose aim is to help you master the language.
Language Programs in Panama:  Thing to Do and See
Panama is one of the most beautiful and interesting countries to visit.  Here are just a few samples of the countless things to do and see while studying and living in the country.
  • Bridge of the Americas. The Bridge of the Americas is roughly 354 ft. high and 5,400 ft. long, connecting the land that was divided during the construction of the Panama Canal. The Bridge of the Americas crosses the Pacific approach to the Panama Canal at Balboa, near the capital of Panama City, and is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike.
  • Panama Canal.  The world-famous Panama Canal is a must-see attraction, especially for history buffs.  The canal is a key transportation route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and without the canal, ships and other vessels would either need to travel south around the tip of South America, or offload their goods to be transported across land to another vessel.  Simply put, the Panama Canal is perhaps the most noteworthy addition to the world’s transportation system.
  • French Park.  Another must-see attraction when visiting Panama is French Park.  Located at the tip of El Casco Viejo, it includes a monument to the French builders that began the Panama Canal, as well as the over 200,000 people that lost their lives building it. The monument is a tall obelisk with a rooster at the top and is located in the Las Bovedas fortress. Surrounding the monument are bust heads of numerous prominent French explorers, including the Ferdinand de Lesseps statue, along with stunning colonial-style lamp posts. French Park is also home to the French Embassy, and the area is well-known to locals as a place with a vibrant and thriving nightlife, including several world-class restaurants and bars.
The collective sights, attractions, food and nightlife are just some of the reasons why choosing Panama for your language-learning experience is a grand idea.  From the language skills you’ll acquire to the people you’ll meet to the food you’ll enjoy, studying Spanish in Panama will reward you many times over and be an adventure and memory you won’t soon forget.

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